DU Reopens For Final Year Student’s Offline Lab Classes


Apart from being serious about COVID19 rise, many educational institutions are planning to start offline classes. Moreover, in December month, many colleges have opened their premises for academic purposes. Including final year students attending offline classes. Well, lately, The University of Delhi (DU) claims to reopen offline classes for final year students. Aloof from theory classes, it is much more important to operate on practical classes too. So it is in the confirmation frame that DU labs will be reopening for final year and final semester students for practical purposes.

On the other hand, the official states that attendance is voluntary for the students. Although, they add that the Delhi University will allow a graded entry of the final year and final semester students into smaller groups. This decision will implement soon; taken into consideration due to the ongoing Coronavirus issue.

What is the decision for?


Moreover, not only DU but also the previous month, Tamil Nadu CM, had permitted to conduct offline classes for final year students. The Dean of Students Welfare, Rajeev Gupta, says that “DU will also slowly and carefully start allowing only final year students to their respective colleges and departments for their laboratory and practical classes in smaller groups”. Adding “Their theory classes shall remain in the online mode. However, students’ entry will be absolutely voluntary”.

The University of Delhi

Well, it kinda irks to go back to colleges again, especially for classes, but it seems, there is no other go. The decision is taken under the consideration of the Univesity Grants Commission’s order.

What are the precautions?


According to the UGC guidelines, the arrangement was brought into action under meticulous COVID19 safety precautions. Furthermore, assuring that each class will have a break, a small class size with a petite number of pupils. This is all to prevent the spread of the virus and implement social distancing between students and teachers as much as possible.

DU to reopen colleges for practical classes

Having said that, DU has been conducting online classes for its students since the start of this pandemic. Also, the enrollment of the new academic session 2020 to 2021 held in online mode. Meanwhile, the other year students will be continuing their classes in the online method.


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