Donald Trump Second Term Expected at White House, According to Senior Official


On Friday, a White House official said that President Donald Trump may have lost the re-election but they are still planning to have him come back for a second term.

In an interview with Fox Business, Trump’s trade advisor said that they are going ahead at the White House expecting a second Trump term.

He said, “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption that there will be a second Trump term.”


President-elect Joe Biden solidified his victory after winning the electoral votes in the state of Georgia. His unprecedented victory is still facing obstacles as current President Donald Trump refuses to concede. The US Media declared his loss to Biden almost a week ago.

Since then, President Trump has made very few public appearances and has initiated legal challenges in many states. He has also alleged that election fraud has been prevalent in many states. But he hasn’t provided any evidence for his allegations.

On November 14, President Donald Trump took to Twitter and made his claim.

Navarro has also claimed that they are seeking verifiable and certifiable ballots. He also asserted for “an investigation into what are growing numbers of allegations of fraud undersigned affidavits by witnesses.”

Donald Trump took to Twitter and said that they are trying to ‘EXPOSE THE CRIME’

Regarding the trade policy with China and Biden’s possible role in the future, Navarro said that he thinks it’s moot at this time. He also added that it was “an immaculate deception.”


President Donald Trump took to Twitter again the same day almost 12 hours after his previous tweet. He claimed that the officials knew that there was to be rigging in the elections.

According to President Donald Trump, the Consent Decree has made it impossible for them to check and match signatures on ballots and envelopes. The Georgia Secretary of State signed the decree with the approval of Governor Brian Kemp at the urging of Stacey Abrams.

In another tweet, Donald Trump posed the question, “What are they trying to hide.”
He claimed that they know and everyone else does and to ‘EXPOSE THE CRIME!’

On Thursday, state election officials and senior US federals have confirmed that they have found zero evidence of tampering or hacking with the votes. Most of the world leaders have already congratulated Joe Biden on his victory. He will b sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021.

Source: The Economic Times

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