Donald Trump Says He May Have To Leave The United States If he Loses The 2020 Election


Donald Trump insinuates that if he loses the 2020 presidential election, he may have to lose the country. This is what is his new motto to say “Vote for me”. The current US president and the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, are at each other’s throats currently with the election. The Debates are going pretty smooth, to say the least. We are kidding, debate, and smooth have never co-existed especially when it comes to politics. It’s just a fortnight to his re-election bid. Donald Trump decided to use his rally on Friday, October 17, 2020, to say that he may have to leave the country because he will not accept his defeat, sadly.

Donald Trump says he may have to leave the US if he loses
Biden vs Trump–Source: Bloomberg

“I’m not going to feel so good”: Donald Trump, 2020


Addressing a crowd in Macon, Georgia, Donald Trump asks the audience what will happen if he loses. What could they imagine? He answered, “I’m not going to feel so good (if he loses). Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.” Trump is going south these days to attract more supporters in the Republican states. The states of Florida and Georgia led to a considerable win in the 2016 election. Furthermore, his addresses talk more about the rival party than the economy of the US which we so lovingly want to hear more about. He said, “The Democrats will turn the country into a communist country. It is time we send a message to those wealthy liberal hypocrites.”

Onlookers from other parts of the country did not enjoy it when he did not address the rising coronavirus menace and depleting economy. It is clear that he is targeting his core bases to enrich his votes which he is pretty darn insecure about.

Joe Biden comes at him pretty strongly yet again


Joe Biden did not miss the opportunity to pick up this historic address of Donald Trump. He tweeted asking Mr. president, “Promise?”

Furthermore, he never leaves any moment untouched when he asks people to confront Donald Trump. Trump‘s lashing out at migrant communities gives Biden a strong foothold on which he can establish an entire debate. Furthermore, Biden is pretty active on his social media handles asking people to register to vote. He is also stating his plans publicly.

If he becomes successful at making community college free if he becomes a president this time, that will literally make him an angel to all the aspiring youth. Even though polls state that Biden is leading, he himself said “those are inflated national public polling numbers.” Addressing the rising COVID-19 cases and Trump’s contribution in their solution, he is pretty much vocal that they will not disappear like a miracle. He said, “It’s on the rise again, it’s getting worse as predicted.”


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