Dickinson Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know


Dickinson fans have finally received some positive news after an interminable wait: season 2 will premiere in January 2021. In November 2019, the inventive series about Emily Dickinson’s life (Hailee Steinfeld) dropped its first season on AppleTV+, and since then Emisue stans have been anxiously awaiting a new season. 

The entire trailer of this season dropped on Friday, December 11, and it provides insight into the new season, from the fame of Emily’s conundrum to Sue’s (Ella Hunt) newfound “influencer” status.

Dickinson Season 2 Release Date:

Dickinson returns on Friday, January 8, 2021, with three new episodes. On Fridays, the rest of the series will release weekly.

Season 2 Plot:


After a first season that re-imagined the creative ascension of Dickinson, creator Alena Smith announced season 2 would investigate the role of the writer on fame. She explored in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter how the series would analyze why much of the work of the late poet was secretly written and not published until after her death. 

Season 2 would turn that on its side from within entirely and offer a very different answer, which is that Emily herself had a profoundly ambivalent relationship with fame, Smith explained.

“Season 2 is really all about fame and the attention economy, which was a central concern in Emily Dickinson’s poems. She wrote many, many poems about fame and about running from fame or rejecting fame. But she definitely had an obsession about fame even if she was subverting it.”

A tease of things to come was also tweeted by the showrunner, saying, “Dickinson really is as much a dramatic adaptation of her poetry as it is a historical depiction of her biography. This will become more and more clear in season 2.”


Dickinson Season 2

“The latest trailer that you can quickly watch presents Sam Bowles, Finn Jones’s newspaper editor, “influencer” Sue (“I don’t even know you!” Emily tells her), and a few Lavinia killer one-liners.


Several new faces will join Emily, Sue, and Lavinia in season 2. Jones’s Samuel Bowles plays “an energetic and magnetic newspaper editor,” while Pico Alexander will star as Henry “Ship” Shipley, an Amherst College dropout who rents a room at the Dickinsons’ house.

Other cast members are:

  • Nick Kroll(Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Timothy Simons(Frederick Law Olmsted)
  • Will Pullen(Nobody)
  • Adrian Enscoe (Austin Dickinson)
  • Jane Krakowski (Emily Norcross Dickinson)
  • Toby Huss (Edward Dickinson)
  • Wiz Khalifa (Death)
  • Sophie Zucker(Abby) 
  • Gus Birney(Jane)
  • Kevin Yee(Toshiaki)
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