Delta Variant Infecting Fully Vaccinated People: Study


New evidence proves that the Delta variant; is affecting fully vaccinated people as well. It is a natural phenomenon that viruses mutate; and transform themselves. Some of these variants are not that deadly; but some become even deadlier than the original ones.

COVID-19 Delta Variant

So far, the COVID-19 Delta variant is the fastest, fittest, and arduous; version of the virus. There are several concerns revolving around this variant as the WHO has labeled it “a variant of high concern”. However, it is now dominating in most of the countries across the world.


Delta Variant Infecting Fully Vaccinated People: Study
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According to recent data, this variant is now identified in more than 111 countries. Experts and scientists around the world; are highly skeptical of this variant and they suggest that it might ruin everything achieved so far. Although it was first detected in India; it has now become a global concern. The concern increases as most economies of the world; are slowly and steadily opening.

Why is this Variant “A Variant of High Concern”?

As mentioned above, the COVID-19 Delta variant was first detected in India. But it is now spread in almost 111 countries. This indicates that this variant; has a higher transmission rate. Henceforth, it spreads very easily from person to person making them sick. The WHO has labeled it as “a variant of concern” because it spreads really quickly. In India, the variant is not making people that sick but spreading very quickly.

Delta Variant Infecting Fully Vaccinated People as Well


New evidence shows that the COVID-19 Delta variant; is infecting fully vaccinated individuals as well. And that too, at a greater rate than previous versions. Several countries like Australia have already started witnessing such cases. On the other hand, Israeli data suggests that 60 percent of the patients in COVID-19 hospitals are vaccinated. Besides that, Singapore is also witnessing new cases of vaccinated people.

Delta Variant Infecting Fully Vaccinated People: Study
Source: USA Today

Vaccinations are other COVID-19 Protocols are Necessary

Even though people are getting infected with the Delta variant after getting vaccinated; vaccinations are necessary. Vaccines ensure that you will not get severely ill; after getting infected. Until and unless there is more data available on this variant; people need to follow the COVID-19 protocols. However, several countries are going maskless; they need to keep that on hold for some time. Social distancing and face masks; play a very important role in staying safe from the virus. Although vaccinated people are getting infected; unvaccinated ones are getting severely ill from the virus. Henceforth, vaccinations are very important at this point in time.

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