Defending Jacob: Is It Coming For Another Season?


Apple TV+’s Defending Jacob is one of the best crime thrillers of 2020. Its first season received widespread acclaim for the tight script with enough cliffhangers and a cast filled with power-packed performances. Now everyone has the same question in their minds: Will there be Defending Jacob Season 2?

Defending Jacob is a crime thriller that surrounds the Barber family. Andrew Barber (Chris Evans) is a successful assistant district attorney and his wife Laurie (Michelle Dockery) is a beloved teacher at a school for disadvantaged youth. They have a happy and contented life until their 14-year-old-son, Jacob (Jaeden Martell) becomes a suspect in a murder. The story revolves around his family’s ordeals and life as they deal with the accusation and Jacob’s parents struggling to deal with its repercussion. There is also the looming doubt over Andrew and Laurie: can Jacob be a murderer?

Defending Jacob Season 2
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While the Barbers struggle with this question, fans of the show have another question in their heads. Is there going to be Defending Jacob Season 2?

Also, a friendly reminder. Spoilers ahead!

Is there going to be Defending Jacob Season 2?


At the time of its release, Defending Jacob was supposed to be a miniseries. Based on the 2012 William Landay novel of the same name, the show was going to have a contained story in one season. But we still believe the show might be coming for another season. Here’s why:

  • The show has a different ending than the novel. While Jacob dies in the final accident in the novel, where he survives. Laurie has critical injuries while Jacob is in a coma. The series ends more positively and leaves enough for Defending Jacob Season 2. The show may still need the novelist William Landay’s permission to go forward with a new season.
  • Furthermore, a Deadline report says that Apple TV+ has signed a deal with the showrunner Mark Bomback. Under this multi-year deal, Bomback will create and develop projects exclusively for Apple TV+. This doesn’t necessarily mean Bomback would be back to develop another season for Season 2 but it sure makes us hopeful!
  • Defending Jacob has also set records for Apple TV+’s viewer engagement. Although Apple is known for its discretion, another Deadline report suggests that Defending Jacob is among the top three series premieres for Apple TV+. Another Apple TV+ show based on a novel, Truth Be Told also brought the first season to conclusion as per the novel. The show was still renewed for a second season. Defending Jacob has gone on to become much more popular so there are chances that Apple will try to continue with its success.

These are just speculations. Till now, Apple or the creators haven’t confirmed anything. Bomback has also said that the series was first perceived as a film but he later decided to make it into an eight-episode series. According to Deadline, he said “having eight episodes led to a more character-driven story than might have been possible in a movie.”

The cast of Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob is filled with A-list talents who deliver impeccable performances.

Defending Jacob Season 2
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Defending Jacob marks Chris Evans’ entry into the streaming platforms. After portraying Captain America in eleven Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the actor has taken on different genres. He recently also starred in the comedy crime caper, Knives Out. Evans turns out one of his most memorable performances as Andy Barber in the show. It was shocking to see him as a serious DA in the beginning but viewers soon get used to it due to his amazing performance.

The show also stars Michelle Dockery as Laurie, Andy’s wife. Dockery is well-known for her Emmy-nominated performances in the acclaimed British drama, Downtown Abbey as well as the Netflix drama, Godless. As usual, she also delivered a convincing performance as the distraught mother who does her best to protect her son while she doubts her son’s intentions to some extent. Dockery still puts up an amazing performance and stands out on her own.


Evans’ Knives Out co-star Jaeden Martell also stars in the titular role. While Martell played Evans’ cousin in the film, here he plays Evans’ son. Martell has already proven his acting chops at a young age with films like St. Vincent, Knives Out, and his most popular It and its sequel, It Chapter 2. He goes on to give another brilliant performance as the secretive Jacob. Viewers of the show still aren’t sure if he is the murderer or not! Martell has added another impressive work on his roster and proven that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Defending Jacob also had a big surprise in its fifth episode. We see JK Simmons appear as Andy’s father, William and he is in jail. As always, Simmons just takes over the scene and has a dominating presence. Fans had their minds blown with this huge surprise.

Defending Jacob Season 2
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What will Season 2 be about?

By keeping Jacob alive at the end of the finale, there are multiple ways Defending Jacob Season 2 can go forward.


At the end of Season 1, we see Laurie interrogating Jacob while speeding her car. Jacob repeatedly denies it while Laurie keeps on increasing the car speed. Jacob finally tells her that he killed Ben if that’s what she wants to hear. This causes Laurie to crash the car, putting Jacob into a coma and critically injuring herself. Laurie also forgets the events leading to the crash. If Season 2 does happen, it will be noteworthy to see her relationship with Jacob, if he wakes up from the coma.

The show can also go forward and explore the dynamics between Andy and his father, William. Andy has kept everyone in his life in darkness about his family life. His father is a murderer and in jail who is also known as “Bloody Billy” among criminals. If the show goes ahead, their dynamic will be something to watch forward to. It will also be interesting to see how Jacob would be involved in the spar between his father and grandfather.

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