Debris from China’s biggest rocket crashes into Indian Ocean; NASA criticises Beijing’s handling


The Chinese rocket’s debris crashed on Sunday. It was expected to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, they crashed in the Indian Ocean and no damage was reported. However, NASA has criticized Beijing for its failure and carelessness.

Chinese Debris Fall into the Indian Ocean 

The Chinese satellites’ debris crashed in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives on Sunday. Most importantly, no damage has been reported. But, scientists all over the world have criticized Beijing on its failure. NASA stated that it is a highly irresponsible act. More accountability was expected from the Chinese scientists.


Debris from China's biggest rocket crashes into Indian Ocean; NASA criticizes Beijing's handling
Source: The Guardian

Additionally, the rocket went out of control. It was planned into a space station on April 29. However, it was mostly destroyed as it re-entered the earth’s atmosphere. The Long March-5B re-entered the atmosphere at 10:24 Beijing time on Sunday. Its debris is one of the largest objects to enter the earth’s atmosphere in decades. The rocket weighed 18 tons.

No-Risk and Damage to Humankind 

Intense speculation took place on where the debris might land. Experts had warned about its return risk and the causalities it would cause. However, it landed in the Indian Ocean. No damage was reported. The plunging debris gained criticism from experts all over the globe. Beijing is lucky that the remnants fell in a water body. It could have fallen in inhabited areas and caused a blunder. A similar Chinese rocket fell on the ivory coast last year. Huge damage was reported. Several homes in villages got destroyed. Certainly, it was the largest craft to crash to earth since 1979. Skylab, the US space laboratory scattered debris over southern Australia at that time.


Debris from China's biggest rocket crashes into Indian Ocean; NASA criticizes Beijing's handling
Source: BOL News

China receives Criticism on the Falling Debris  

Social media was flooded with videos of the falling debris on Sunday. People from Jordan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia witnessed the falling remnants. Space-Track also confirmed the re-entry. NASA administrator Senator Bill Nelson criticized China. Meanwhile, it failed to meet responsible standards. Spacefaring nations must ensure that humankind is safe from these missions. Besides China, all spacefaring nations must ensure safety. Stability and security must be maintained as well.

China’s Response 

China reacted ferociously to the criticism it received. It said that all the allegations are purely false. The so-called claim is groundless. Chinese officials said that the harm probability was extremely low. Although, it only refers to loss of momentum. Besides that, they had not lost the trajectory’s track and real-time location. Above all, they said that it is a completely normal incident. In addition, such mishaps are common.

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