Deadly Blast At Pakistan Hotel Hosting Chinese Ambassador, 4 Killed


Wednesday night reported a deadly bomb blast in Quetta, Pakistan. The incident occurred in the parking lot of a luxurious hotel in the Southern west Pakistani city. At least, 4 people were dead and 12 were injured.

The Incident 

Sources say that the Pakistani hotel was also hosting a Chinese ambassador the following night. Officials said that the blast took place at the luxury hotel’s parking lot in Quetta, Balochistan province capital. The bomb blast occurred a few minutes later after a car entered the parking lot. Cops are investigating the matter. They are ensuring whether it was a suicide attack or not. Pakistan’s Interior Minister said that it might be a terror attack as well. A Chinese ambassador had also taken shelter the following night in the hotel. Hopefully, he was not present in the hotel at the time of the bomb blast. As per the sources, he was out for a meeting.


Deadly Blast At Pakistan Hotel Hosting Chinese Ambassador, 4 Killed
Source: BBC

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor 

Balochistan is not a very rich province. Its resources are extremely poor and low. Residents say that they are not very happy with Balochistan’s resource management. They are not provided with sufficient gas and mineral supply which rages them to the core. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) fuels billions of dollars into the Pakistan region for its development. But, the outputs are nowhere to be seen. Locals say that they haven’t benefitted anything from the corridor. They are still jobless. Most of the jobs are provided to outsiders. They hold the government responsible for this carelessness.

Tehreek-E-Talibaan Pakistan


A senior inspector confirmed the incident’s death toll. And, also the fact that the Chinese ambassador was out for a meeting at that time. Investigations revealed that an IED was planned in one of the cars. There were no claims made regarding the attack. However, hours later Pakistani Taliban confirmed that it was a suicide attack. The Pakistani Taliban, also known as Tehreek-e-Taliban, is a separate insurgent group from the Afghan Taliban. Later on, the Pakistani Taliban spokesperson stated that the suicide bomber hit the security officials exactly the way they had planned.

The Pakistani Taliban
Source: YouTube

Incidents from the past 

This is not the first time when such an incident had taken place. In 2019, gunmen banged into a luxury hotel that was hosting an important CPEC event. At least eight people were killed in that incident. In June, Baloch protestors targeted the Pakistan Stock Exchange, The Pakistani Stock Exchange is partially owned by a Chinese company. However, Balochistan Liberation Army claimed all these attacks.

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