“Dangerous” Lake Formed By Uttarakhand Avalanche: Satellite View


The exact spot where a “dangerous” lake was created by the debris of the avalanche that left dozens dead and 200 missing on Sunday was identified by high-resolution satellite images. Scientists from the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and others are working on a strategy to prevent another disaster if a leak is caused by water from this lake.

“This matter has been taken cognizance of. As we speak, teams are already on the way to the lakeside to assess the situation, take a review. Earlier in the morning, teams have overflown the area in choppers and found out… Even drones, unmanned flights, stakeholder agencies are doing the review of the exact situation on the ground”. NDRF Director General SN Pradhan said recently.

“There’s concerted effort to see what’s on the ground, make an assessment, and follow it up with appropriate action. We’re on the job,” he added.

More About Dangerous Artificial Lake:


Videos of this artificial lake, three times the length of a football field, were taken by Choppers.

The satellite images show the area that is fed by the fast-flowing Ronti River on the Rishi Ganga. Subsequently, the Rishi Ganga flows in the direction of the Tapovan Hydel power plant, which was heavily damaged by the 7 February avalanche rainstorm, flash flood, and debris.

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The situation is highly alarming and the locals around the region are very scared. Experts are trying to find a permanent solution. However, various temporary measures are already taken to resist the situation.


“We have measured the width and the length of the lake, the wall of debris. That’s all coming through, the parameters on which we can act,” the NDRF chief said.

A professor from Garhwal University, YP Sundrial, who went to the spot to examine the aftermath of the disaster, said the creation of the lake was troubling.

Professor Sundrial said, “Right now I am standing at the confluence of the northeast stream and the Rishganga river. The flood started from the northeast stream. The landslide caused temporary damming and blocked the Rishganga river”.

“The lake can cause deadly things anytime and can cause more floods,” said the expert.

“This can impact rescue work. Rescuers downstream may be in danger, so I am going to try and ensure that the message reaches the administration,” he said.

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