Covisheild And Covaxin Vaccines Will Be Available Soon.


On Thursday, the Union Health Minister Harsha Vardhan reveals that the India Vaccines- Covisheild And Covaxin Will Be Available Soon. As far as we all perceive, that the vaccines are ready but not with the launching date. Lately, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan urges other states and union territories health ministers to meet at 12:30 pm on 7th January 2021.

“The feedback on the dry run of the covid vaccine in four states was reviewed. We have made improvements based on the feedback. Tomorrow dry run will be done in thirty-three states and Union Territories” claims the union Health Minister in the press conference.

Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan:

He also assures that the covaxin and Covishield vaccines will be available for people soon. The government struggles to guarantee seamless last-mile delivery of the vaccines. Moreover, he reveals that experts have separated people into different categories. Meanwhile, the experts’ group is under the formation of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.


On the other hand, he urges everyone to follow precautions strictly. “Maharashtra, Kerala, and Chattisgarh have seen a sudden spike in coronavirus cases recently. This will a warning, that no one should forget precautions and continue or fight against covid19”.

Which state will play the hub?

Furthermore, he says that the preparation as well the transportation of covid19 vaccines might start from the 8th or 9th of January 2021. For shipping of vaccines, the center decides to go with passenger aircraft.

Covaxin vaccine by Bharat Biotech and ICMR

As far, it is said that Pune will be the center hub for the distribution part. So Pune will play the head, where the vaccines will commence distributing here. Having said that, over forty-one destinations around India are on the finalized list for the delivery of the vaccines.


In the meantime, on the northern side of India, New Delhi and Karnal will be the mini hubs for the delivery of vaccines. And for the southern part, Chennai and Hyderabad will be the mini hubs for the delivery of vaccines.

What are Covaxin and Covishield vaccines about?


Coming to the most talked about vaccines in India, Covaxin; by Bharat Biotech along with the Indian Council of Medical Research and National Institute of Virology. Moreover, it is on the approval list for Phase I & II Human Clinical Trials. Initially, the trials started in July 2020. Subsequently, given approval for Phase III clinical trials.

On the other hand, Covishield is also known as AstraZeneca/ Oxford vaccine. More to add, it is also called the UK vaccine. AstraZeneca, a British firm accompanied by Oxford University is the developer of this Covishield vaccine. It is the second vaccine to get its consent from the MHRA.




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