CoviSelf Kit: Price, Use, and Everything You Need to Know About it


Recently, the IMCR has approved India’s first COVID-19 self-testing kit, CoviSelf. Now suspected patients, can get themselves tested at home. They don’t have to go out or wait in long queues now.

What is the CoviSelf Kit? 

CoviSelf is India’s first COVID-19 self-testing kit. It is the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) approved. Suspected patients can now test themselves at home. According to reports, this innovation will reduce the burden on the laboratories. It will also reduce manpower stress required for home testing. This kit will also provide instant results. MyLab, a Pune-based pharma company, has designed this kit. It works on the rapid antigen test principle. The kit is very easy and simple to use. Certainly, such a kit was much needed in India.


CoviSelf Kit: Price, Use, and Everything You Need to Know About it
Source: ET Healthworld

Price and Availability 

MyLab Pharma company said that the kit will cost Rs. 250. Therefore, the CoviSelf kit is much cheaper than a Covid test offered in a private lab. The company’s current production capacity is 70 lakh kits per week. It will soon roll out in the Indian market. Moreover, the company plans to sell 1 crore kits per week. You can easily purchase the kit from your nearest pharmacy. On the other hand, you can also purchase the kits from e-pharmacies.

Who can Use the CoviSelf Test Kit? 

CoviSelf is advised for only COVID-19 suspected individuals. If you have Covid-like symptoms, you can try this kit. Firstly, you can test yourself from the comfort of your home. Secondly, the kit is 100 percent authentic. And thirdly, it gives accurate results. However, if you are not satisfied, you can always go for RT-PCR tests. The test is synced with a mobile application. It will directly feed your data on the ICMR portal for contact tracing. However, the test is not advised for general screening in public places. If you test negative on the kit and still have symptoms, go for an RT-PCR test.

What is the Testing Process 


CoviSelf Kit: Price, Use, and Everything You Need to Know About it
Source: YouTube

Follow these simple steps to test yourself through CoviSelf-

  1. Open the swab package at the tail end. Take out the swab. Do not touch the swab head at any cost.
  2. There is a pre-filled extraction tube in the kit. Dip the nasal swab in that liquid. Pinch the tube at the bottom and swirl the swab in it. Make sure that the swab is immersed properly in the liquid.
  3. Add two drops of the antigen buffer mixture into the sample well. Press the tube gently. Now, wait for the results. It usually takes 15-20 minutes to display the results. Results that appear after 20 minutes are considered invalid.
  4. Now, take a picture of your result. Wait for the MyLab CoviSelfTM app to analyze your result.

CoviSelf Kit: Price, Use, and Everything You Need to Know About it
Source: Business Standard

Note: Do not leave the test device unused once opened for more than 5 minutes. If you are positive, two lines will appear on the device. One on the ‘t’ and the other on ‘c’. If you are negative, only one line will appear on ‘c’. Watch the video for better clarification.


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