COVID Vaccine Registration Process In India: Who Are Eligible, Process Of Registration: Everything You Need To Know


With the coronavirus disease outbreak that has dominated this year’s debates, it is possible that you’ve had at least one discussion about the COVID-19 vaccine and also how India aims to vaccinate all of its people.

In addition to such debates, there seems to be some positive news from the COVID-19 vaccines companies, and separate news indicates that we are likely to start being vaccinated in 2021. And India will soon have a new medium to track how we will receive the vaccine.


The coronavirus vaccine has finally come to India and the government has released instructions on how to enroll for the vaccine and what all you need to have for the same. This also addresses all of your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, its doses, and effectiveness. 

The government has said that they have already taken care of all the storage facilities, and have made a complete schedule and plan along with the list of people who will be vaccinated in each stage of the vaccination process. 

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s immediately talk about that.



Who Will Be Vaccinated From Covid Virus First?

The Indian government has put about 30 crore individuals on the list of priorities on the basis of many criteria, along with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, the most vulnerable community, etc. This involves frontline and healthcare workers, security staff, sanitation staff, etc. Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, according to an ANI report, “After consultation with experts, we’ve prioritized 30 crore people for COVID -19 vaccine. It includes health workers, frontline workers like police, military, and sanitation staff, people above 50 yrs, and those who are below 50 yrs but are suffering from certain diseases.”.

Process Of Registration For Coronavirus Vaccination?

To register for the vaccine, you need identification evidence such as a PAN card, pension card, passport, voter ID, MNREGA work card, or driving license. Only such facts would be appropriate for the same reason. As Ahmedabad civic body did, your state civic body will soon begin the online registration system. You have to be careful until then. Importantly, after registering online, you will get an SMS message from your registered phone number. It will tell you the vaccination’s scheduled date, time, and place.

How Many Number Of Doses Of Vaccine Would Be There?

It is decided and being instructed that there will be just two doses of the vaccine that a consumer has to take in a difference of exactly 28 days. This will complete and conclude the vaccination session.


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