Covid Vaccinations in China cross 1 billion mark


Covid vaccinations in China crossed the 1 billion mark on Sunday. The country where the virus originated; has now ramped up its vaccination drive. China is now boosting its vaccination drive; order to protect its population from new variants. The Coronavirus originated in China’s Wuhan province. And now, it has spread in all parts of the world.

Covid Vaccinations in China cross 1 billion mark
Source: The Straits Times

China Administers 1 Billion Covid Vaccinations 


More than one billion Covid vaccinations are complete in China. People are coming forward and getting vaccinated against COVID-19. China rolled out the world’s largest inoculation drive since the pandemic started. We all know that COVID-19 originated in China, from Wuhan’s meat market. It is a major achievement for the Chinese people. There is no other weapon against COVID-19, except for the vaccines. China on Sunday crossed the 1 billion vaccination mark.

Why is China Boosting its Vaccination Drive? 

China has ramped up its vaccination drive to protect its citizens from new variants. The virus is mutating around the world. Variants like Delta and Delta plus are considered as “variants of concern”. They originated in India and are a threat to the whole world. Moreover, China administered 100 million Covid vaccinations in just five days. That indeed is a big milestone to achieve. Although, it is not clarified that how many people are fully vaccinated. However, most people have received both vaccine doses in China.


Covid Vaccinations in China cross 1 billion mark
Source: Global Times

Covid Vaccinations Achieved a Milestone in China 

China accelerated its Covid vaccinations in late March. It took them 25 days; to climb from 100 million doses to 200 million doses. Then, it took them 16 days to jump from 200 million to 300 million inoculations. Besides that, just in six days, they climbed from 800 million to 900 million doses. That is a major achievement for the country. It is one of the largest vaccination drives in the history of China. More than 200,000 foreigners are vaccinated against COVID-19 in China.

Several Vaccines are Rolling out in the Chinese Market

The Chinese government is expecting to vaccinate 70 percent of its population; before 2021 ends. Several vaccines are administered for emergency use in the country. Four vaccines are granted conditional marketing approval and three are administered for emergency use. China is also providing Covid vaccinations to other countries. They have exported more than 350 million vaccine doses globally.

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