COVID-19 Vaccine Updates: We May Get A Vaccine Ready By December


COVID-19 vaccine is the hot topic of 2020 undoubtedly. Well, honestly speaking, the whole pandemic is the burning topic of 2020. With the lives at a standstill and moving at a snail’s pace gradually, it is a lot to take in. So, scientists and innovators are tirelessly grinding to offer a legible solution. COVID-19 vaccine’s journey is quite long and dreary and so far, we haven’t gotten anything legible. The Health Ministry of India has been updating us quite regularly. The reports say that the COVID-19 vaccine will enter the markets in February. However, if our fate is happy, we may get them ready in December 2020.

March 2021 and December 2020: Important dates for COVID-19 vaccine to land in our hands


The Serum Institute of India, Pune, India, is the one who is aiming to give us a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Earlier, the executive director of SII, Dr. Suresh Jadhav told that India will geta vaccine in March 2021. He said, “India may get COVID-19 vaccine by march 2021 provided the regulators speed up the process as multiple manufacturers are working n it.” He gave his statement on October 17, 2020, at the India Vaccine Accessibility e-summit. However, he gave us the good news that 60-70 million dosages will enter the market in December 2020. Even though, these will become legal likely in March.

COVID-19 vaccine will be ready be December

He further said that the regulators and several behind the scenes people are already working to get the vaccine one step ahead and take it into the initiation process. HEAL Foundation presided over the summit to communicate the updates of the COVID-19 vaccine. Jadhav further said that the Oxford vaccine Covishield will be ready in December 2021 and the timing between December and March will be used for the licensing process.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the authorities to officials to deliver the vaccination on the lines of elections


The cases saw a dip this Saturday. This gives all the Indians hope to live in a coronavirus-free world once again. Furthermore talking about the vaccines, the PMO also released a statement in which it read that the vaccines are in Phase 2 and 3 of finalization. “The Prime Minister has directed that keeping in view the diversity of the country, that the officials should ensure the access to the vaccines speedily.”

The Prime Minister also stressed that the officials should put all the steps to logistics, delivery, and administration. The recovery rate in India stands at 88 percent. This shows that the medical personnel is good at keeping the basic guidelines intact. COVID-19 vaccine soon, it will altogether remove the hassles that come along with it.


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