COVID-19 Third Wave: WHO Issues Warning Amid Rising Delta Variant Cases


The WHO has warned that the COVID-19 third wave is in its early stages and can hit the world anytime soon. Moreover, the WHO officials have also warned about the wide-spreading Delta variant. It is a variant of concern that is now dominating in several countries.

The WHO warns the World Against a COVID-19 Third Wave Amid Surge in Delta Variant Cases

According to the WHO, the COVID-19 third wave is in its early stages. The WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed his concern over the growing pandemic on Wednesday. He sounded as if he is warning the world against new trouble that might hit us really hard. The Coronavirus is mutating around the world and the Delta Variant has become a variant of concern. It is now prevalent in more than 111 countries. Moreover, Tedros said that it if hasn’t already, it might become the dominating variant very soon.


COVID-19 Third Wave: WHO Issues Warning Amid Rising Delta Variant Cases
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COVID-19 Delta Variant Quite Concerning

While issuing a warning against the COVID-19 third wave, chief Tedros pointed towards the rising Delta variant. Several countries around the world have reported cases of the Delta variant. The day isn’t far when this variant will become the dominating variant in the world. On the other hand, scientists and health experts are trying their level best to curb the pandemic. But new variants are constantly emerging from different countries. This is a worrisome situation. Moreover, Tedros said that the virus is evolving and new transmissible variants are emerging.

The situation was Improving, but it has Now Reversed


In a meeting with the International Health Regulations (IHR), the WHO chief said that the cases had started to decline recently in Europe and North America. However, this was due to their strict vaccination drive. But the situation is reversing now, and the reason is the Delta variant. Moreover, he also held increasing mobility responsible for the upcoming COVID-19 third wave.

COVID-19 Third Wave: WHO Issues Warning Amid Rising Delta Variant Cases
Source: Reuters

Follow Protocols to Prevent the COVID-19 Third Wave

We all know that vaccination plays a very important role in combating the virus. But that is not enough. Vaccination alone will not stop the pandemic. People will have to follow all the COVID-19 protocols that are implemented in their respective countries. Moreover, crowds and gatherings are the two places where the virus breeds the most. The WHO chief also asked the governments to have a better crowd and gathering management in their country. Besides that, he has asked the countries to improve their vaccination drive in order to prevent a COVID-19 third wave.

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