COVID-19 Origin Theories, Scientists Suggest Lab Leak Theory Should Not be Ignored


COVID-19 origination is still a mystery. The virus was first detected in China’s Wuhan province in 2019. However, some sources suggest that it was caused due to laboratory leak. Scientists suggest that we should not rule out the leak theory. There is no data or research that proves this theory wrong. Until and unless, an authentic reason is discovered, we should rely on this theory only.

COVID-19 and its Damage 

COVID-19 emerged in China in 2019 and killed millions of people worldwide. The infection has not only caused physical damage. But has shaken economies, incomes, etc. It is true that the virus is causing physical damage to the body. Besides that, people are struggling mentally as well. The virus destroyed businesses and individuals financially. Many countries faced an economic crisis. The pain and grief that the virus brought with itself is inexpressible.


COVID-19 Origin Theories, Scientists Suggest Lab Leak Theory Should Not be Ignored
Source: Time Magazine

How did the Virus Originate? 

However, it is still now clear that how the virus originated. More investigation is needed to dig out its origination. Firstly, some say it spread through bats. Secondly, others suggest it spread through the Wuhan meat market. Thirdly, many world leaders call COVID-19 China’s conspiracy. Nobody knows what the exact reason is. Some people consider the virus a political intrigue. Experts are carrying out several experiments to know more about virus initiation.

COVID-19 Virus Leaked from A Lab 


The most common theory regarding the origin is the leak theory. Scientists and experts all over the world believe that the virus accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab. It is more practical as compared to other theories. The WHO is also conducting an investigation from their side. Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) spent 2-4 weeks in Wuhan. They came to the conclusion that the virus could have possibly spread from bats to humans. Meanwhile, they called the leak theory an extremely unlikely reason.

COVID-19 Origin Theories, Scientists Suggest Lab Leak Theory Should Not be Ignored
Source: CDC

Natural Causes and the Leak Theory

Scientists suggest that we should consider both the reasons equally. We don’t have any authentic proof regarding the virus spread. It could transmit from bats to humans naturally. On the other hand, don’t ignore the leak theory. Rigorous and dispassionate investigations are needed. Moreover, we should not ignore the scientists and doctors who shared with us crucial information related to COVID-19. In the beginning, we knew nothing about the pandemic. These people helped us to know the virus even better. We should not forget their contribution.

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