Covid-19 Immunity Will Provide Upto 8 Months Of Immunity Against The Disease


Covid-19 the disease that has instilled fear in the lives of humans has acquired the bodies of many humans. This means those who have recovered from the disease will eventually be immune to it. This is how immunity has been a big concern for most people. However, it was a grave doubt in the mind of the people that the immunity that the body develops to Covid-19 will be lasting for only a few months. This was a major reason why the new study has cleared the air regarding the knowledge of the immunity against the disease.

Recovered Covid-19 patients last immunity for 8 months, raise hopes for vaccine: Study - Coronavirus Outbreak News
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Covid-19 is a disease that has caused incomparable trauma to the entire human race. For now, we have been waiting for the vaccine to arrive and deliver us redemption from the dangerous coronavirus. The recent studies published in the journal science immunology have arrested many concerns regarding the community of covid-19.  It is clear now that the immunity against the infection of novel coronavirus will last around 8 strong months and vaccines could work for longer periods.

Earlier it was thought that the Covid-19 immunity would wear off in just a few months of catching the infection and hence people thought that they would lose immunity very soon. But, now after the new publication in the Journal, it is clear that the immunity will last for about 8 months and that’s a big reveal since the vaccines are arriving too.


“These results are important because they show, definitively, that patients infected with the COVID-19 virus do in fact retain immunity against the virus and the disease,” said study co-author Menno van Zelm, from the Monash University Department of Immunology and Pathology.

“This has been a black cloud hanging over the potential protection that could be provided by any COVID-19 vaccine and gives real hope that, once a vaccine or vaccines are developed, they will provide long-term protection,” Van Zelm said.

In the research, scientists found out that the antibodies that the human body develop against coronavirus started to decrease in number after 20 days of infection but all the patients had memory B cells in the bodies that continued to fight infection and developed the immunity which would last for about 8 months after the infection date.

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