COVID-19 Delta Variant Might Spread Easily as Chickenpox: Study


A new study suggests that the COVID-19 Delta variant may spread as easily as chickenpox. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report clearly outlines this fact. However, this means that the variant is very easily transmissible and people need to remain extra cautious.

COVID-19 Delta Variant is the Deadliest Virus Ever

According to CDC research, the COVID-19 Delta variant can spread as easily as chickenpox. Besides that, it might result in severe illness and can also lead to death. Amid all prevailing Coronavirus variants, this variant is the deadliest one. It can result in causality as well. First detected in India, this variant is almost on the verge of becoming the dominant variant in the world. Moreover, the CDC report also suggests that vaccinated people can spread this variant the same way as unvaccinated people.


COVID-19 Delta Variant Might Spread Easily as Chickenpox: Study
Source: Telegraph India

Vaccinated People Spread the Virus in a Similar Manner as the Unvaccinated Ones

The data was presented in a slide show format on Thursday. Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, the CDC director had stated similar news regarding the COVID-19 variant on Tuesday. Walensky said that vaccinated people carry the same amount of virus in their noses and throat as unvaccinated people. Henceforth, they can spread the variant in a similar manner to the unvaccinated ones. This implies that the fast-spreading variant is extremely hazardous.

COVID-19 Delta Variant Can Spread Easily as Chickenpox

The study also suggests that the COVID-19 Delta variant is more transmissible than several other viruses. It spreads faster than viruses causing MERS, Ebola, SARS, common cold, seasonal flu, and smallpox. Besides that, the variant is as contagious as chickenpox. It might spread to people easily as chickenpox does but in a more fatal manner. Also known as B.1.617.2, the variant causes severe illness that can also result in casualty.

What is the CDC’s Concern?


The CDC is extremely concerned about the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading in the United States. An official from the health body said that it is a very serious threat to humankind right now. There are almost 35,000 infections every week among 162 vaccinated American citizens. However, the variant will soon become the dominant variant in the United States. Walensky also said this variant is the most transmissible one they’ve seen so far.

Vaccinations Play a Very Important Role

According to the report, vaccinated people spread the COVID-19 Delta variant in the same way as unvaccinated people. But vaccinations do offer protection from severe illness.

COVID-19 Delta Variant Might Spread Easily as Chickenpox: Study
Source: The Kansas City Star

People who are unvaccinated might face severe consequences after contracting the virus. On the other hand, vaccinated people will heal faster as compared to the unvaccinated. Vaccinations increase immunity levels. They prevent 90 percent of severe diseases. However, the document also adds that there is breakthrough and community spread despite vaccinations.

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