COVID-19 Delta Variant can Reinfect Vaccinated People, AIIMS Delhi Conducts Research


COVID-19 Delta variant can infect you even though you are vaccinated. There are a lot of people; who were reinfected with COVID-19, after receiving the vaccine shots. It is possible and can happen to anyone. However, AIIMS Delhi conducted research and found that the Indian-originated Delta variant can also infect people post-vaccination.

What is the COVID-19 Delta Variant? 

The WHO has called the COVID-19 Delta variant a worrisome issue. Viruses mutate and transform into variants. Henceforth, the Indian COVID-19 variant is called the Delta variant. It was detected in India earlier this year; and is known as B. However, this variant is more transmissible than other prevalent ones. So far, 62 countries have reported cases of this Delta variant. And now in India, this virus is also spreading to people; even after they have got themselves vaccinated.


COVID-19 Delta Variant can Reinfect Vaccinated People, AIIMS Delhi Conducts Research
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Is Getting Reinfected After Vaccination a Worrisome Situation?

Firstly, Vaccination is not a magical weapon. It offers you protection against the virus; and will only ensure, that the virus doesn’t get severe when you contract it again. AIIMS Delhi conducted research; and found out that the COVID-19 Delta variant can affect people post-vaccination. The study was carried out on 63 people. Out of these 63 people, 35 were fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The rest 27 had received only 1 dose. All the 63 people had contracted COVID-19 again; and in them, the Delta variant was predominant.

What was the Research on COVID-19 Delta Variant Conducted by AIIMS Delhi? 


AIIMS Delhi conducted the research on 63 people. These 63 people were reinfected with COVID-19 for the second time. Among these 63, 35 people had received both doses, while 17 had received only one. Out of 63 samples, 36 were sequenced. 17/36 people were fully vaccinated. On the other hand, 19/36 had received only one shot. The COVID-19 Delta variant was found in 23/36 samples. Among 63 patients, 10 had received Covishield; and 53 received Covaxin.

COVID-19 Delta Variant can Reinfect Vaccinated People, AIIMS Delhi Conducts Research
Source: The Economic Times

There were people from all age groups between 21-92. Out of them, 41 were males and 22 were females. However, no deaths were reported. It points out to the fact; that vaccine decreases the mortality rate. Usually, reinfections post vaccinations are quite rare. But this  Delta variant seems to complicate things. Besides that, it also increases the risk of community transmission. However, more study is needed to understand things deeply.

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