COVID-19 Antibodies Last 9 Months Post-Infection: Study


According to a new study, the COVID-19 antibodies can remain in a person’s body for up to 9 months post-infection. It doesn’t matter if it is symptomatic or asymptomatic, it still remains for nine long months. Some Italian researchers claim this study.

COVID-19 Antibodies can Stay Up to 9 Months in an Individual’s Body

A new study suggests that COVID-19 antibodies remain in a person’s body for up to nine months. The antibodies against the novel Coronavirus can exist in any form, either symptomatic or asymptomatic infections. However, the Imperial College of London posted a few details about the study on its website on Monday. It said that they did research in collaboration with the University of Padua on over 3000 Italian residents. Moreover, they tested those people for COVID-19 in February-March 2020 and then retested them again in May and November 2020.


COVID-19 Antibodies Last 9 Months Post-Infection: Study
Source: Microbiome Research

How did they Conduct the Research? 

The study was published in the Journal Nature Communications on Monday. According to the researchers, people who tested positive for the virus in February-March 2020; again detected a few COVID-19 antibodies in November 2020. However, the research team conducted three tests to analyze the different aspects of the virus. It showed that all antibody types depicted a decline between May and November. But, the rate of decay was different every time depending upon the tests.

What did the COVID-19 Antibodies Research Suggest?


The research suggested that the COVID-19 antibodies vary from person to person. Dr. Ilaria Doreigatti, the study’s lead scientist said that the strength of the immune response doesn’t depend on the symptoms and the infection’s severity. Moreover, they have no evidence regarding the difference between asymptomatic and symptomatic antibody levels. Henceforth, people need to remain cautioned when they are the different levels in a particular population.

COVID-19 Antibodies Last 9 Months Post-Infection: Study
Source: Business Standard

Protocols Play a Very Important Role in Eradicating the Virus

COVID-19 protocols play a large role in keeping infections at a distance. However, it was found that the majority of the infections don’t regenerate further. Only a few infections cause further infection. If people maintain COVID-19 protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing, the infections won’t spread further. Although the COVID-19 antibodies live for up to 9 months in a person’s body, they are not always hazardous.

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