County in China Giving Cash to Couples to Encourage Childbirth: Sources


China is trying really hard to encourage couples to have at least three children in order to increase the birth rate of the country. A county in the country is even ready to offer cash to all those couples to allegedly have three children. The world’s most populous country is trying every possible way to increase its birth rate. Earlier the country allowed couples to have only two children. But in an amendment this year, couples are giving the liberty to have three children. However, this decision has faced immense criticism as raising three children in the country is not an easy task.

The Government of China is Offering Cash to Couples with Three Children

Couples in Linze county of China will receive approximately 5000 Yuan ($777) when they plan a third child. This is one of the efforts that the Chinese government is implementing in increasing the country’s birth rate. Moreover, the government is offering approximately 10,000 Yuan a year until the child reaches three years of age.


County in China Giving Cash to Couples to Encourage Childbirth: Sources
Source: South China Morning Post

However, families with one or two children will also benefit from these subsidies, but they will receive fewer amounts. Besides that, the local government has also promised rebates on the child’s school fees and maintenance fees. They are trying their best in encouraging couples to have at least three children.

Many Provinces are Offering Cash Handouts

Apart from Linze county, Panzhihua city in the southwestern province of Sichuan became the first city in China to offer cash handouts. The administration of the city is offering cash to couples to encourage childbirth since July this year. Despite all these cash offerings and rebates, the Chinese citizens seem not very pleased with the decision. However, the decision came suddenly in May this year when the central government of the country announced that couples can now have three children. Earlier, the government was taking steps to slow down the country’s birth rate after scraping the one-child policy. Moreover, couples were allowed to have only two children.

Why are Couples in China Not Happy with this Decision?


Despite the efforts of the government, the citizens seem not very happy. According to a survey, a lot of young couples in China do not want a third child.

County in China Giving Cash to Couples to Encourage Childbirth: Sources
Source: The Conversation

Raising children in many areas of the country is quite expensive. Although the government has issued rebates and other subsidies, the couples are still not ready for this amendment. The government has taken this big step to accelerate the country’s slowing birth rate.

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