Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society Among 50 Pandals To Not Celebrate Durga Puja This Year


Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society is one of the 50 pandals who will not take part in the upcoming Durga Paujaa festivities this year. The year 2020 is anything but normal. This is why it is super clear that the upcoming festival season won’t be normal as well. The official authorities passed several laws regarding the pandals set-up for Durga Puja, which we will discuss later. However, 50 organizing bodies have decided to not go with the organizing decision this year. Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society is the main organizer of the biggest Durga Puja in the capital state. It is one of those no-sayer party which will not take part in the festivities. The decision came amidst the following of social distancing rules.


Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society won't have regular Durga Puja this year
The 2018 CR Park pandal

Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society to not organize the epic pandal

The society’s pandal is the biggest in the entire state. This is what people look up to every year. At a meeting of 12 major committees on October 19, 2020, many pandals decided to not set up their pandal. They believe that the major section of the society who attend the festivities are senior citizens. With the infection and the contamination of the virus at a high, they decide not to take any risk and hence, aborted their decision. This is such an aware move by these pandals.


Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society has the auspice of organizing the pandal and adorning Durga idols uniquely. Anita Haldar, Joint Secretary of the Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society stated that this time the idol height will only surpass 5 feet, as against the usual 16 feet. She further added, “Everything this year will be organized at a smaller scale and will have full precautions. Furthermore, the immersion of the Durga idols will be done within the temple premises.”

“This year mother will visit everyone’s homes”

Even if everything is on a small scale, it doesn’t mean that it is different in any way. Ms. Haldar rightfully stated, “Earlier everyone visited mother. This year mother will visit everyone’s homes.” People will further have more intimacy and poignancy to the festival this year. Various pandals this time have decided to lessen the scale of their organized festivities. Gurugram pandal will have online streaming, CR Park pandal will have only the priest and two helpers to move everything around, and most of the Delhi pandals will only have a gathering of 40 people. The decision of Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir is indeed a surprising one but it made us believe in the awareness and goodness of them, all the more.


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