Chinese President Xi Jinping Wants Young Hongkongers To Move To Shenzhen For Economic and Historical Attachment


Chinese President Xi Jinping in his speech which broadcasted on Chinese TV channels asked young people from Hong Kong to move to mainland China. President Xi is known to have ulterior motives even when it comes to the family nations. Examples include his straining ties with Taiwan and separatist policies with Hong Kong. Now, Xi asked for young people to study, work, and live in Shenzhen. He said that Shenzhen’s role is an “important engine” in the Greater Bay Area Project. Greater Bay, also known as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, is a megalopolis. He delivered the 50-minute long speech on account of Guangdong’s 40th anniversary as a special economic zone.

Chinese President Xi Jinping asks youngsters to move to mainland China
Young Hong Kongers to move to Shenzhen?

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to integrate the two regions


The motive behind his new message is to better unite the two cities. These are the new economic powerhouse. He said that the move will deepen the integration between youngsters from Macau, Hong Kong, and Guangdong. This will also “increase their sense of belonging to their motherland.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping further added that they as a country should seize better opportunities in the development of the Greater Bay Area. Along with this, he said, “We should seize the major historical opportunities.” The move from Hong Kong of young people to work and earn in Shenzhen will align the rules better, and promote the metropolitan cities in the Greater Bay Area.

Chinese President Xi Jinping asks youngsters to move to mainland China
Hong Kong or Shenzhen, which will young people choose?

“One Country, Two Systems”


Even after the claim of integration that Chinese president Xi Jinping made in speech, Hong Kong wants to exercise its freedom. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam stated that there need not be any competition between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. However, people are also questioning her presence at the address. With Hong Kong’s inventory doing better, Chinese president Xi Jinping wants to attract the youngsters to the mainland of China.

Professor Lau Siu-kai, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau studies said that Hong Kong should realize the matter of crisis. Furthermore, he added, “Opportunities in Hong Kong are too limited for young people. Shenzhen and Hong Kong should help each other in areas ranging from education to healthcare.”

Jinping’s’ idea also got support from various other prominent people. These included Professor Terence Chong Tai-Leung, and president of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, Dennis Wang-pun. However, democratic opposition legislator, Wu Chi-wai said that insinuating that Hong Kong will become more patriotic if they move to the mainland is “laughable”.


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