China’s Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine Gets WHO’s Approval for Emergency Use


China’s Sinovac vaccine gets WHO approval. It is the second Chinese Covid vaccine; after Sinopharm to get approved. Moreover, the WHO has given a green signal to the vaccine for emergency use.

Sinovac Gets Approved for Emergency Use in China 

The WHO approved China’s Sinovac vaccine for emergency use in China. After Sinopharm, this is the second vaccine to get approved. Meanwhile, it gained approval from the UN health agency on Tuesday. However, it is the second vaccine after Sinopharm to get a green signal. The WHO approved the Sinopharm vaccine in early May. An approval from the WHO means that the vaccine is safe and authentic. It gives the countries, funders, and agencies an assurance; that the vaccine meets safety standards.


China's Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine Gets WHO's Approval for Emergency Use
Source: Bloomberg Quint

What is the Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine? 

The Sinovac vaccine is just like any other Covid vaccine. It does the same job; fights against COVID-19. However, the vaccine has inactivated virus in it. It is 65 percent effective against the Coronavirus. Moreover, its storage is quite easy. You don’t need a very freezing temperature to store the vaccine. Also known as CoronaVac; the vaccine is safe, authentic, and effective. However, this vaccine is unlike other COVID-19 vaccines. It uses a completely traditional way to provide immunity. Moreover, the vaccine is not developed using mRNA technology. Besides that, it has inactivated virus in it; just like a rabies vaccine.

Might be Added to the Covax List


The WHO has approved the two-dose vaccine; between a time period of 2-4 weeks. Sinovac is recommended to people over 18. Most probably, the WHO will add this vaccine to the Covax list. Covax is a WHO-led facility; that provides authentic vaccines to poorer countries. It also allows countries to accelerate their own regulatory approval; to import and administer Covid vaccines.

China's Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine Gets WHO's Approval for Emergency Use
Source: Anadolu Agency

Not Recommended to Older Adults 

Evidence shows that Sinovac; prevents symptomatic disease in 51% of vaccinated individuals. Besides that, it prevents severe COVID-19 hospitalization in 100% of the studied population. Moreover, only a few older adults were enrolled in the clinical trials. Henceforth, the vaccine’s efficacy on such people is quite skeptical. The WHO isn’t recommending this vaccine for older adults due to a lack of data. Over 66.4 million doses of the vaccine; are administered in China so far.

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