China’s Intrusion into Nepal Politics Is Still At A Moot Point.


It seems that the China-Nepal issue is still at a moot point! China President Xi Jinping’s Communist Party of China; has set a three-member team in Nepal to reach out to prominent politicians. However, it still plays a major role in Nepal politics. People claim that there is a three-member team from china to Kathmandu; to seek support from pre-eminent politicians in the Himalayan nation.

On the other hand, it states that the China President has sent a four-member team led by Guo Yezhou. Guo Yezhu is the vice president of the international department of the Chinese communist party. Recently, their high profile visit made headlines all over the world, especially in China and Nepal.

What is the team’s assignment?

The visit took place on the 30th of December 2020. The conference was mainly to unite the two rival factions of the Nepal Communist Party. Which is led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and former Prime Ministers Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Nepal.


Furthermore, Guo Yezhou’s aim to make Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli amenable. By insisting on the December 20 presidential order dissolving Nepal’s 275 member House of Representatives. Besides, if the presidential order cannot be abolished then the two belligerent factions will unitedly contest the national elections on April 3o and May 10.

Another alternative is Guo Yezhou addressing the occasion of the supreme court rolling back the presidential system and suggesting the formation of a communist-led government. Along with the support of opposition parties such as the Nepali Congress. Excluding the prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

Chinese President Xi Jinping with Nepalese children

What is Guo Yezhu’s aim?

Nepalese say that the Guo Yezhu’s committee is only on behalf of the Chinese effort. Nevertheless, the leading assignment is under the three-member team; which is led by the Chinese Communist Party. In that case, they are part of the second team, who got to arrive before Guo Yezhu could.

Who are the three officials led by the Chinese Communist Party?


The three-member group consists of Zekun Lai, Dongme Huang, and Yonglin Zhong. These are the prominent people, who have developed politicians in Nepal politics, for the past few years. “This is what you might call the backchannel effort that stays under the radar”, claims one of the diplomats. Ultimately, this China assignment came out to the limelight after Nepal’s resentment for China. The resentment is all about Chinese leadership in Nepal politics and politicians.

Guo Yezhou- Vice President of China

Yet, after the Gua Yezhu’s committee entry on 29th December 2020, there were so many rallies and strikes in the streets of Kathmandu. Affirming China for meddling in Nepal’s political matters.

To hinder the alarming issue, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says that Nepal is their friend, and states that the relevant party will take the competencies and empower themselves to the national development.


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