China’s COVID-19 Vaccines Lack Efficacy, Sales Drop as Countries Shift to mRNA Vaccines


In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, China’s COVID-19 vaccines have saved thousands of lives. The country kick-started its inoculation drive started way before the United States, United Kingdom, or the Arab countries. Besides that, it seemed that the country has won its battle against COVID-19 until July this year; when a deadly wave of the pandemic hit the Zhangzhou province. However, several concerns have taken shape regarding China-made Covid vaccines as their efficacy level is continuously declining.

Countries Shifting to mRNA Vaccines from China’s COVID-19 Vaccines

Amid mounting concerns on China’s COVID-19 vaccines; several countries are shifting their interest to mRNA-based Covid vaccines. Many countries that once relied on Sinovac Biotech Ltd. or Sinopharm Group Co Ltd. have opted for mRNA vaccines.


China's COVID-19 Vaccines Lack Efficacy, Sales Drop as Countries Shift to mRNA Vaccines
Source: DW

However, they are turning their interest towards the United States and Europe; amid concerns regarding the efficacy of China-made Covid vaccines. Several reports suggest that Chinese Covid vaccines are not that effective against the Delta variant as the country witnessed a recent outbreak of Coronavirus cases in July this year. The export of Chinese vaccines dropped 21 percent in August to $1.96 billion from $2.48 billion in July this year.

Suggestions from the Experts

Experts from all parts of the world suggest that people opted for China’s COVID-19 vaccines; because they were all that was available at that point in time. Basically, people relied on what they got. Nicholas Thomas, associate professor at the City University of Hong Kong; said that people are now educated regarding Covid vaccines. Moreover, they know the differences between different vaccines and are aware of opting for the right one. Besides that, they have also realized that all vaccines are not equal, and each one offers a different level of protection.

Chinese Covid Vaccine’s Efficacy


The efficacy of China’s COVID-19 vaccines ranges between 50 percent to 80 percent in clinical trials. However, they are comparatively less potent than mRNA vaccines are said to offer less protection against the deadly Delta variant. Thailand was one of the countries to purchase China’s Sinovac vaccine in bulk; as they were left with no other option. Amid the rising COVID-19 cases in Thailand, the country had to confront a new set of challenges even after inoculating its citizens. Henceforth, Thailand became the first country to inoculate its citizens with a Pfizer jab even to those who had received the Sinovac vaccine. Although Pfizer’s vaccine is also not mRNA-based, it offers better protection than the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine.

China's COVID-19 Vaccines Lack Efficacy, Sales Drop as Countries Shift to mRNA Vaccines
Source: Quartz

Countries Abolishing China’s COVID-19 Vaccines

Recent data has shown countries that once relied on China’s COVID-19 vaccines; have shifted to mRNA vaccines. However, US President Joe Biden’s donation of 1.1 billion mRNA-based vaccines; plays a huge part. Biden has decided to donate 1.1 billion mRNA vaccines to poor and low-income countries. On the other hand, India has also resumed its export of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines. Besides that, Chinese vaccines are not authorized in some countries such as Singapore.

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