China Witnesses a Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Restricts Overseas Travel


China has suddenly got a déjà vu of the time when the COVID-19 outbreak happened in the country. The country is witnessing a surge in daily infections lately. In order to curb the virus spread, the country has banned overseas travel for a while. Recently, the world’s most populous country has recorded its highest number of daily infections in months.

China Restricts Overseas Travels Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

Amid rising COVID-19 cases, China on Wednesday implemented strict overseas travel restrictions in the country. In order to contain the virus from spreading further, the country is trying its level best. However, it has recorded its highest number of infections in months lately. Besides overseas travel, the government has also taken strict measures on domestic travel. They have closed several local transportation mediums and implemented stay-at-home orders in various regions.


China Witnesses a Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Restricts Overseas Travel
Source: CGTN

New Infections Detected Despite Strict Actions Taken to Curb the Virus Spread

A few months ago, China claimed that it has successfully curbed COVID-19 from spreading. It boasted of strict lockdown in the country. Besides that, it tightened the restrictions at the country’s borders and conducted mass testing across the country. Although they have tried several means to stay protected, the virus seemed to have found a way out of everything. The recent mass testing campaign in the country led to an outbreak of COVID-19 Delta variant cases.

The Country Almost Went Back to the Pre-Covid Life


China almost returned to normal life in the past few months. There were very few or no traces of the virus. Besides that, the country was conducting several public events, concerts, etc. just like the pre-pandemic period. However, they started to report new cases in mid-July which is a matter of high concern for them. The country reported 71 new infections on Wednesday, the highest since January. As a matter of concern, the government has started implanting several restrictions throughout the country.

China Witnesses a Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Restricts Overseas Travel
Source: South China Morning Post

A Passenger From Moscow Brought the Virus to China

The authorities claim that the recent outbreak began from a passenger who landed in China on a Moscow flight. He spread the infection to airport staff Nanjing. However, this isn’t officially confirmed but that’s what everyone is assuming. Since then, the country has tightened its border restrictions and implemented several safety measures. Moreover, the county’s immigration authority said that they will stop issuing ordinary non-essential travel passports. Anyone who needs to travel urgently will have to submit several documents for verification.

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