China to Launch Spacecraft with 3 Astronauts on June 17


China is sending three astronauts to space via its spaceship on June 17. The spacecraft with three astronauts will launch on Thursday, 9:22 AM from the Gobi Desert. An official from the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) confirmed the news. The news comes after billionaire Jeff Bezos announced his space trip that is scheduled on July 20.

Three Astronauts to go to Space from China on June 17

China is sending the astronauts to space in The Shenzhou 12. The divine vessel in the Chinese spacecraft will launch from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China. Astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo will board the spaceship on Thursday and travel to space. These three male astronauts were chosen after a rigorous array of tests. Moreover, these three astronauts are traveling to space for China’s space station construction.


China to Launch Spacecraft with 3 Astronauts on June 17
Source: Al Jazeera

What will the Astronauts do in Space? 

The three astronauts from China will remain in the orbit for three months. After entering the orbit, the spacecraft will automatically conduct a fast rendezvous; and dock with the in-orbit space station core module Tianhe. Henceforth, it will form a complex with the core module and the cargo craft Tianzhou-2. Nie, Liu, and Tang are supposed to get stationed in the core module and will remain there for at least three months. The Shenzhou-12 crew will live on the core module Tianhe, “Harmony of the Heaven”. It is a 16.6m long cylinder with a 4.2m diameter.

The Country will Break its Own 30-days Record 


China began building its own three-module space station in April. Tianhe is the first module that will eventually form the space station. Shenzhou 12 is the third of 11 missions to complete China’s space station. This mission will break the country’s own space-stay record. Last time, the country’s crewed flight stayed in space for 30 days in 2016. Astronauts Chen Dong and Jing Haipeng were a part of that space mission. The three-month stay will break the country’s own space record.

China to Launch Spacecraft with 3 Astronauts on June 17
Source: The Indian Express

Who are the Astronauts that China has Decided to Send to Space? 

Two of the astronauts are considered veterans in China’s space travel history. Nie, 56, is going to space for the third time. Previously, he has boarded the Shenzhou-6 in October 2005. He has also boarded the Shenzhou-10 in June 2013. Liu, 54, is going to space for the second time. He was a part of the Shenzhou-7 spaceship mission in September 2008. Both Nie and Liu were fighter pilots in the PLA Air Force. Tang, the third member, 46, was selected from the 2011 astronaut’s batch. China selected its first batch of astronauts in the mid-1990’s.

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