China Retaliates Over The US Taiwan Deal And Decided To Penalize The Missiles


China is not happy with the latest US-Taiwan missiles deal. The United States decided to give the missiles to Taiwan so that the latter can increase its security in times of need. Taiwan has received considerable threats from china a lot of times and this is why it turned to another China’s rival for help. The USA helped it in terms of USD 1.8 million worth of missiles. These include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. However, China is visibly mad at the deal. Hence, it has sanctioned the three missiles and given an ultimatum to the United States of America to refrain from helping Taiwan in the future. This furthers the tensions not only between Taiwan and China but also between the USA and China.

China sanctions the missiles purchased by Taiwan
Taiwan demonstrated its military power in the largest live-fire military military wargame in many years, firing US-made Patriot missiles, in a bid to show its determination to fend off any invasion by arch foe China. (Photo credit: SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images)

China sanctioned the missiles to “safeguard national interests”


The decision of imposing a penalty on the deals and consequently, on the missiles purchased came as a shock to both the countries. Taiwan is still viewed as China’s territory by Chinese officials. It has failed to recognize the independent small nation. Hence, the decision is a shock but at the same time, expected as well. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian asked the US to stop trading nay further arms to Taiwan. China is willing to take Taiwan under its jurisdiction even with force if needed. Zhao said in a statement, “The sanctions will safeguard national interests. We will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and security interests.”

The three missiles now stand nowhere as a result of the sanction imposed. The US has already given its green signal to the deal. So, withdrawing it seems like a hard option fr the nation. To help the economic, technological, and diplomatic means of Taiwan, the State Department reported that it had given its approval for 135 air-to-ground-missiles as well. The total value of the deal finalized pertains to $1.8 billion. Hence, the decision will surely bring about some serious repercussions.


China sanctions the missiles purchased by Taiwan
China Foreign Ministry spokesperson (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

What will this decision bring about?

US State Department has shunned the threats and named them “unproductive”. The spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said, “We deplore Beijing’s efforts to retaliate against the US and foreign companies for their sales that support Taiwan.”

The results showed a negative impact on industrial stocks. The S&P 500’s industrial sectors sank by 3 percent. the energy stocks are keeping it stand upright. The Dow Jones industrial average also fell more than 800 points. However, the makers of the missiles are not threatened even a dime. They believe that it is their decision to make deals with any country and they are free to do so.


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