China Rejects the WHO’s Proposal for Phase Two Study of COVID-19 Origin


China on Thursday rejected the World Health Organization’s request; for conducting second research on the COVID-19 origin. Rejecting the second phase of research, the country mentioned that the proposal disrespects science in all aspects.

In a Shocking Statement, China Rejects Proposal for COVID-19 Origin Research

China on Thursday rejected the WHO’s proposal for phase 2 of the COVID-19 origin research. Moreover, it said that the proposal contains language that sounds very disrespectful to science. Last year, the WHO started its research on COVID-19 origin in Wuhan, the province where the outbreak started. Several countries urged the WHO; to conduct thorough research regarding the virus’s origin. However, the WHO didn’t start its proper survey until February this year.


China Rejects the WHO's Proposal for Phase Two Study of COVID-19 Origin
Source: DNA India

Why did they Reject the Proposal?

Now that phase 1 of the research is complete, the WHO wanted to start phase 2 research in China. The country is just not allowing them to conduct secondary research. Zeng Yixin, the country’s National Health Commission Vice Minister; said that they don’t want to politicize the origin research. Moreover, they are shocked to see that the proposal has disrespected science in several ways. The proposal is full of political manipulations.

Several Theories Regarding the COVID-19 Origin


The WHO’s chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; stated a few days earlier that China isn’t portraying transparency in the COVID-19 origin research. Moreover, he said that it is too early to link the COVID-19 disease; with a lab leak theory. Earlier, scientists put up several theories regarding the COVID-19 pandemic origin. Some suggested that the virus leaked in a laboratory in Wuhan. On the other hand, some suggested that it was a natural outburst. However, it is still not proven how did the virus originate.

China Rejects the WHO's Proposal for Phase Two Study of COVID-19 Origin
Source: BBC

Virus Not Leaked from Wuhan Lab: China

China has clearly knocked out the lab leak theory; and said that it wasn’t made in a laboratory. But some experts across the world claim that the pandemic is a biological war; that the country has initiated. The worst pandemic of the century that killed millions of people across the world; didn’t just start naturally. However, the world’s most populated country has made it very clear that the virus isn’t lab-made.

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