China Lashes Out at G7, Calls it “A Small Group of Countries”


China hits on the G7 summit calling it a “small group of countries”. It lashed out at the G7 summit 2021 that took place in Cornwall, United Kingdom. The Chinese were a discussion topic at the summit; where the world leaders asked the WHO to conduct a fresh COVID-19 probe. It seems that China couldn’t withstand the summit and is passing comments on the coalition.

“A Small Group of Countries” Cannot Dominate World Decisions: China 


China lashed out at the G7 countries calling them a small group. A spokesperson from the Chinese Embassy London stated that the days are gone when a group of small countries used to dictate global decisions. He further added that countries big or small, weak or strong, poor or rich all are equal. All the countries have equal rights in world decisions. And not a small group can dictate them alone. Moreover, he said that those days are gone now. Each and every country should have a share in world affairs.

China Lashes Out at G7, Calls it "A Small Group of Countries"
Source: Navbharat Times

What Decisions Were Taken at the 2021 G7 Summit? 


The world leaders at the G7 summit took several decisions. In another development, they advanced a plan to enforce a global minimum corporation tax. Besides that, they also imposed a collective crackdown on avoidance. They stated that these reforms will help tackle inequality. Moreover, the leaders also called on the WHO for a fresh COVID-19 probe. On the other hand, they also decided to donate 1 billion Covid vaccine doses to poor countries. The G7 leaders have also endorsed an agreement to adopt a minimum floor of 15% corporation tax. Amid these decisions, China lashes out at the summit. It said that a small group of countries cannot make such global decisions.

China Lashes Out at G7, Calls it "A Small Group of Countries"
Source: The New York Times

China Disagrees with this System of Decision Making 

The G7 leaders said that they aim at a fairer taxation system in the 21st century. However, this collaboration will create a strong impact and raise more tax revenue to support investment. We hope that this new tax system will have a benefit on global taxation. China, on the other hand, disagrees with this system. It said that every country should participate in global decisions. And a small group of 7 countries cannot dominate the world.

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