China: Couples Can Now Have Up To Three Children


Couples in China can now have three children. Moreover, the country on Friday passed a law formally that assured people to safely have three children. Amid declining birth rates in the country; the Chinese government has decided to take this important step. Besides that, the government will also provide several benefits to the parents.

China Formally Introduces Three-Child Policy

In a formal statement on Friday; China allows couples to have three children now. The law comes after the government; witnesses a decline in the birth rate of the country. In recent years, the birth rate in the world’s populous country; has literally fallen down. The amendment to the Population and Family Planning Law; was passed at one of the sessions in the National People’s Congress. Moreover, the government has also passed bills related to tax breaks; in order to encourage couples to have more children.


China: Couples Can Now Have Up To Three Children
Source: Al Jazeera

One and Two-Child Policy

For several years, China had this one-child policy. Under this policy, couples were permitted only to have one child. However, this new policy reverses the one-child policy in the world’s most populous country. In 2016, the Chinese government scrapped the one-child policy; and allowed couples to have two children. Although, the two-child policy also didn’t help in boosting the country’s birth rate much. However, the one-child policy was implemented in the country; to control the number of births happening in the 1970s. Meanwhile, after this policy was implemented; Beijing faced the problem of a mass greying population.

What will the Couples in China Benefit from the New Amendment?


The three-child policy; is quite promising for the Chinese population. However, it will boost the country’s birth rate that has slowed down over the period of years. On the other hand, the government; has promised to provide good nursing facilities after the three-child policy amendment.

China: Couples Can Now Have Up To Three Children
Source: South China Morning Post

Besides that, they will also reduce the cost of births; and education for children. China had a “social maintenance fee” that was implemented on those couples; who had children beyond the limit. However, this too is removed after the implementation of the three-child policy. The government will improvise its parental leave; increase women’s employment rights. Besides that, they will also invest in children’s infrastructure.

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