China Compares US Capitol Riots to Hong Kong


Commenting on the violence in Washington and storming of the United States Capitol, China on Thursday said it “hopes the people in the U.S. can enjoy peace” as it compared Wednesday’s events with the protests in Hong Kong.

The Foreign Ministry, as well as State media in China, compared the developments in Washington to protests in Hong Kong, wherein 2019 protesters had stormed the legislative headquarters there. Ms. Hua tweeted a video of that incident on Thursday.

“We believe that the people of the United States want stability and peace, and hope they can soon enjoy security and stability, especially amid the grim situation brought about by the pandemic,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.


She said “while U.S. mainstream media denounced the protesters at the U.S. Capitol as ‘mobs’, they had called the violent protesters in Hong Kong as ‘democratic heroes’, saying that the U.S. people were standing with them”, the official Xinhua news agency quoted her as saying.

Similarity with the protests in Hong Kong was a common theme in China’s State media, which emphasized the violence that flared in both cases and the contrasting response from U.S. politicians.

Difference Between the two Incidents:

“The stark contrast in the reactions and choice of words are thought-provoking and worthy of our reflection,” she said. “What words did they use about Hong Kong? What words are they using now?

The mainstream media in the U.S. are condemning the U.S Capitol riots, calling it ‘violence,’ ‘thugs,’ ‘extremists,’ and ‘disgrace.’ What words did they use to describe Hong Kong? ‘Beautiful sight,’ or ‘fighters of democracy’.”


China has hit out at previous U.S. feedback on Hong Kong and stated it will push again in opposition to any interference.

In Hong Kong on Wednesday, greater than 50 pro-democracy activists were arrested in raids throughout the SAR, within the greatest such transfer because of the passing of a nationwide safety legislation final 12 months.

Following which the mass protests, which drew tons of hundreds of principally peaceable protesters who marched for democracy by means of a lot of 2019, have all however light.

The protests “had pricked the beautiful bubble of the universal values shaped by the U.S.”, Shen Yi, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University, told the newspaper.

“The ‘beacon of democracy’ is falling down, or at least becomes gloomy,” he said. “It might be too early to declare the ‘twilight of the gods’ in the U.S., but that day is coming closer and closer.

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