China Blames India Over Galwan Valley Clash: Reports


China on Friday held India responsible for the Galwan Valley attack that took place in 2020. The clash that happened between the two countries in June last year has already given birth to several controversies. Amid these controversies, the statement from the Chinese authorities is reigniting the flame that was subdued last year.

China Blames India for the Galway Valley Clash

In a press release on Friday, China blamed India for the Galwan Valley attack that took place in June 2020. The clash between the two countries led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers and four Chinese soldiers. Moreover, Chinese authorities have stated that New Delhi has desecrated all border-related norms and trespassed on their territory. The flame of the clash was not even subsided yet that the Chinese officials have come up with another controversy. Of all the attacks that have ever taken place between the two nations, this was one of the most brutal bouts.


China Blames India Over Galwan Valley Clash: Reports
Source: Indo-Pacific Defense forum

The Galwan Valley Clash

Both Indian and Chinese soldiers were locked in a border row for over 16 months. The same row that witnessed the brutal combat in the Galwan valley where the soldiers beat each other to death with iron rods, clubs, and barbed wires. However, the clash between India and China resulted in the casualty of twenty Indian and four Chinese soldiers. Besides that, this was the first combat at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) after 1975. However, Indian and Chinese tensions are not new to controversies. Several diplomats and military talks have tried to subdue the tensions between the two nations, but nothing ever worked in decades.

What did Indian Authorities Say Regarding the Issue?


China has constantly blamed Indian troupes for crossing the borders over to their side. However, Indian authorities have repeatedly denied these allegations regarding their soldiers crossing over the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh. Besides that, they have assured that New Delhi always takes a responsible approach to maintain serenity between the two parties. According to Indian authorities, their soldiers have never crossed the border and headed to the Chinese side. It is the other party that started attacking the Indian soldiers first. Although India has denied all the false accusations, Chinese officials continue to blame them.

China Blames India Over Galwan Valley Clash: Reports
Source: DNA India

China Puts Direct Accusations on India

Speaking about the reorganization of the military forces at the LAC; China said that the peace treaty between the two countries has played a very important role. It is because of the treaty that there is stability at the border areas. However, talking about the Galwan Valley incident, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian; said that if India wouldn’t have crossed the border, there would have been no fight. Besides that, he hopes that India will continue following the rules mentioned in the peace treaty.

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