Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Release, Cast, And Plot Details


Cheese in the Trap is one of the most successful shows in South Korea. The show received popularity in China. It is based on a South Korean manhwa of the same name. The manhwa was also adapted into a film. The show however had an original ending as the manhwa at the time was not completed. Is there any chance we are going to get Cheese in the Trap Season 2? Let’s find out.

Cheese in the Trap follows the relationship between two university students, Seol (Kim Go-eun) and Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin). Seol is a hardworking scholarship student while Jung is rich and secretly manipulative. Although he does appear nice to everyone around him. The show originally aired from January 4 to March 1 in 2016. There is no news on a new season till now.

So is there any shot on Cheese in the Trap Season 2? Let’s see.

And a friendly reminder. Spoiler alert!

Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Release Date

Up until now, there is no news on a new season. The first season showed an original ending that was different than the manhwa. This was because the manhwa wasn’t completed until then.


The show has seen huge popularity in South Korea and China. After Netflix picked up the show, it gathered fans across the globe. New fans of the show were sad to see there was no season 2.

There is still some hope as the show seems to gain more and more success due to its release on the streaming giant. Maybe, Netflix can pick it up? We can just hope so.
For now, the first season is available on Netflix.

The cast of Cheese in the Trap

Hae-Jin Park shines as Jung Yoo as the kind but manipulative rich guy. He is also known for his performances in My Love from the Star, Doctor Stranger, Bad Guys, etc.

Go-eun Kim has already shown her range in the erotic drama A Muse. Her portrayal of Hong Seol is sweet and a highlight of the show.

5urprise member Seo Kang-Joon portrays Baek In-ho. He soon became the fan-favorite of the show, many even devastated at how the show ended. Kang-Joon is also seen in the South Korean adaptation of HBO’s Entourage.

Cheese in the Trap Season 2
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Other cast members include:

  • Song-Kyoung Lee – Baek In-ha
  • Joo-Hyuk Nam – Kwon Eun-taek
  • Min-Ji Park – Jang Bo-ra

Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Potential Plot

The one thing that many fans are still dying for is to see Seol and Jung Yoo get together again. Season 1 had a somewhat bittersweet ending with Yung Joo leaving Seol as he believed he is not good for her wellbeing.

Season 1 ends with In-ho becoming a well-renowned pianist. His hands also seem to be healing well. He is accompanied by In-ha as usual.

We also see Bo-ra and Eun-taek get together after teasing us with their unrequited love throughout the first season.

In the end, we see Seol sending emails to Jung Yoo and waiting for them to be opened. As she gets up when her mom calls, we see the message becoming read and Yoo Jung’s voice calling for Seol.

The webtoon ended on a rather happy note with both of them getting back together. If Cheese in the Trap Season 2 does happen, it will be interesting to see how makers are going to integrate with the manhwa’s ending.

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