Busted Season 3 Coming To You Very Soon!


Busted Season 3, also known as The Criminal is You, is on the top of everyone’s bucket list. This South Korean mystery fiction thriller TV series is in people’s hearts. Basically, every show which has Park Min-young and Kim Se-Jeong in it is a hit. This Netflix’s endeavor gave a whole new way to the thriller genre and that too in K-world. The first season premiered on May 4, 2018. Producer Cho Hyo-jin’s motto to make the show “consumed on the global stage” became true with the first season. The second season created an even interesting momentum.

The show takes us along the journey of popular detectives who enroll themselves in Project D. They become private detectives to K and in each episode, they go on to solve a new case. They also, meanwhile, keep finding the true mystery of the organization they are a part of. The second season sees a new recruit with the previous seven sleuths. they then, embark on a search for “Flower Killer”, a murderer.


Busted Season 3
A still from the show

The release date of Busted Season 3

The makers renewed the show for a third installment on February 16, 2020. Filming has already wrapped up in June. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for Busted Season 3. Also, the fact that the pandemic is looming over all businesses makes us flutter our teeth in anticipation. However, the rumored release date is somewhere in November 2020. The second season premiered in the first week of November 2019. So, we can expect the first season to give us Busted Season 3.

Who is in the upcoming season?

The show distinguishes itself from other shows with the fact that the celebrities are themselves in the show. They are not portraying anyone, but go on to uncover the mysteries of the crime. The cast returning for Busted Season 3 include:

  • Yoo Jae-suk
  • Kim Jong-min
  • Lee Kwang-soo
  • Park Min-young
  • Oh Se-hun
  • Kim Se-Jeong
  • Lee Seung-gi

Busted Season 3
The cast of the show: Photo Source: Soompi

The probable plot of Busted Season 3

The official synopsis of the show reads, “Suspense, surprises, and fun abound in the Korean variety game show featuring big personalities and even bigger mysteries in every episode.”

The show following the big personalities on the detective journey shows immaculate funny antics. However, in the previous show, we saw them busy with the murder of Ahn Nae Sang. The first season’s story took over in the second season. Hence, Busted Season 3 will take over from there. We will see them finding more about the kidnapping. They followed Flower Killer’s trail and they found something absolutely sock-knocking. So, the momentum built from the second season will intensify in the upcoming season.


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