Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: What Will Be The Squad’s Next Move?


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the greatest action-comedy series with excellent punch lines and amazing acting by the cast. The role of detective Jake Peralta played by Andy Samberg is remarkable and of course, to be remembered forever. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always got fans cheering for more and more and now, there are many people are waiting for the new season after the completion of the 7 other seasons. There were many ups and downs in the relationship between Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta as well as Pimento and Rosa but now, with the ending of the 7th season, new things will be on the way.

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Well, as far as we can see, of course, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been confirmed and now, there are many other things that we have waiting for. Each season features many shady characters played by special guests, and so, we have to wait for the surprise guest entries this year too. But, for now, we can say that there has to some kind of trick under the sleeves of the creator. 

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The Instagram of the entire show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, confirmed our news, and hence, it can be said that the fans of the show excited to see their favorite characters back in action. The Instagram page of the show said, 

We would like to dispel some of these crazy rumors about next season,” an NBC executive informed the gang in a table read. “We want you to return.”

Back in the year 2019, in the month of November, the eighth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was made official and it was 3 months before the official premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7. Indeed we can say that the show will be back and this time, with more than we expect it to be. With the Covid-19 circumstances, the show took time to go into production and complete the overall procedure. But now, it is clear that the show is making its return to the big streaming platform, Netflix.

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