Brazilian Viper’s Venom has the Tendency to Stop COVID-19 from Multiplying: Scientists


A new study suggests that Brazilian viper’s venom; can stop COVID-19 from multiplying. Scientists in Brazil have conducted this research and found amazing results. However, the research is conducted on monkeys. Scientists are waiting to conduct experiments on human cells. A molecule present in the venom is quite useful in canceling Coronavirus.

Brazilian Viper’s Venom has the Ability to Cure Coronavirus

Scientists from Brazil claim that Brazilian viper’s venom; can stop Coronavirus from multiplying in an organism’s body. Although the research is not conducted on human cells right now, experts believe that it will show good results on the human body as well. the research was conducted on monkeys and it is believed that the venom can become a useful tool against Coronavirus. It is indeed a ray of hope during these tough when COVID-19 is continuously mutating. Several variants of the virus are found across different countries in the world.


Brazilian Viper's Venom has the Tendency to Stop COVID-19 from Multiplying: Scientists
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How does the Brazilian Viper’s Venom Outcast Coronavirus Cells in the Body?

Researchers suggest that a molecule present in Brazilian viper’s venom; the jararacussu pit has the tendency to stop COVID-19 cells from multiplying. Moreover, the venom can inhibit the Coronavirus; up to 75 percent in an organism’s body. One point to note here is that the research is only conducted on monkeys so far. There is no evidence that suggests that its practicality in human beings. However, the venom has rich anti-bacterial properties and is synthesized in laboratories. Besides that, scientists have called this a positive approach; towards the making of an authentic drug for COVID-19. The scientists have not given any timeline for human experiments. But they will carry it out really soon.

Are Covid Vaccines Safe?  


It is true that several pharmaceutical companies around the world; have come up with their COVID-19 vaccines. But we must not forget that the virus is continuously mutating. Therefore, at some point; the efficacy of these vaccines will fade. However, so far, the vaccines are safe and sound. They boost our immunity system; gives us the capacity to fight against Coronavirus cells. But some countries have started noticing the efficacy of vaccines fading away.

Brazilian Viper's Venom has the Tendency to Stop COVID-19 from Multiplying: Scientists
Source: Deccan Herald

Experts in the United Kingdom have conducted a study regarding the efficacy of Pfizer’s and AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccines. They have observed that the vaccine’s efficacy; begins to fade away in six months. Moreover, the efficacy of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has fallen from 88 percent to 74 percent. Likewise, the efficacy of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine has fallen from 77 percent to 67 percent. Amid these situations, the Brazilian Viper’s venom is definitely a ray of hope.

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