Black Summer Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Etc.


It was just last month when season 2 dropped and fans are already drooling over Black Summer Season 3. Although it was a long two years wait, season 2 is finally available to stream on Netflix. It was highly impressive and that’s the reason fans can’t keep calm for a third season. Here’s what you can expect from the third installment.

Black Summer Season 3 Renewal Status

Netflix has not renewed Black Summer Season 3 yet. As mentioned above, season 2 just premiered in June this year. Therefore, it is quite early for Netflix to renew it for another season. We don’t know whether the series will return for a third season or not. However, its second season took two long years to return after the first one. Therefore, it’s quite unpredictable right now.


Black Summer Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Etc.
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Release Date

Since the series isn’t renewed yet, there is no point predicting a release date for Black Summer Season 3. It is too soon to guess one as the show creators are still figuring out the viewership. Once they get a clear picture regarding the viewership, they will make up their mind about renewing the series. If things go well, we can expect the show to get renewed this summer and hopefully premiere in 2022. However, the gap between the first two seasons was quite long. Therefore, it’s probably difficult to say anything right now.

What to Expect from Black Summer Season 3?


In case, Black Summer Season 3 happens, we can speculate a few things. The way season 2 ended definitely makes room for the third season’s plot. Black Summer revolves around zombies, continuing the world first depicted in “Z Nation”. Its genre is horror and fantasy, forcing viewers to visualize things that don’t even exist. However, in the last season, Rose and Anna made their way to an airplane hanger to escape from their immediate surroundings. Although, only Sun is able to board the plane and Rose is brutally hurt in a life-threatening manner. It is possible that Rose might die when season 3 begins. But, killing a protagonist is one big deal. Now that Sun has boarded the plane, the story might turn to her. Her story can resume in a distant far-off land, in a completely new manner.

Black Summer Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Etc.
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The expected cast of the upcoming series are:

  1. Jamie King as Rose
  2. Zoe Marlett as Anna
  3. Christine Lee as Sun
  4. Justin Chu Cary
  5. Kelsey Flower
  6. Sal Velez Jr.
  7. Erika Hau
  8. Bobby Naderi
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