Black Mirror Season 6: Ad, Creator’s Comments, And Expected Changes


Black Mirror Season 6 is upcoming in the works British dystopian science fiction anthology TV series. The satirical black comedy from Charlie Brooker talks about modern society. It has a revolutionizing take on the consequences of new technologies. The near-future setting gives the show a contradictory feel, dark yet light and satire yet experimental. Taking its inspiration from The Twilight Zone, Brooker wanted to explore more about the controversial topics. This time, he wanted to approach these topics more realistically. This show hence, shows humanity and technology, a romance that is coming of age but still serves off a certain degree of co-dependency.

It shows the way “we live now and the way we might be living in 10 minutes if we are clumsy.”

Black Mirror Season 6
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Where has Black Mirror Season 6 reached in terms of its inception?


The fifth season premiered on Netflix back in 2019. It went off to establish quite a nerve-chilling fandom. Questions regarding its future and its style have been arising prominently. However, the show is not yet renewed for a sixth season. It is not even in the news yet. Analyzing the buzz the last season created, it seems like a matter of time until the show receives another installment. When asked about Black Mirror Season 6, Brooker told Radio Times, “I have been busy doing things. I am sort of keen to revisit my comic skill set, so I’ve been writing scripts to make myself laugh.”

If the show gets renewed, there will be a lot of time taken until it premieres on our screens. So, guessing about the release date is no easy feat currently. But, we conjecture the end of 2021.

The Black Mirror Season 6 ad

The show however, has been promoting the sixth season with a mirror installed on the roads. It goes on to take on the world as it goes on currently.


Black Mirror Season 6
Speculation at its best

What changes can we see in the coming season?

The fifth season had a delayed-release. It also had a changed running of the series. The episodes came down to only three from the usual six. Then, fans started outpouring the idea that the anthology format should be put on hold and the series be made into a continuing story. The interest the fans have in the show is immaculate. With the pandemic looming everywhere, fans want to watch relevant things.

Currently, the show is on hold. However, when/if it comes back, we can see a few changes in the season. Black Mirror Season 6 could have a continuing plot with more than six episodes. Technology is not always positive, so maybe we can see the season focusing on the downside of technology, like toxic celebrity culture. Like ‘Striking Viper’, we can also see an episode focusing on physical intimacy along with some technological background.

The cast is not finalized yet, obviously with the anthology format. If there is a continuing format, we can see stars like Alex Lawther, Jon Hamm, and Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror Season 6.


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