Bihar Election Polls: NDA Can Take The Trophy With 147 Seats


Bihar election polls are showing the current picture of the election. The way the elections have taken route is way intense than the US presidential election even. The alliances, be it National Democratic Alliance and United Progressive Alliance or independent parties, all are giving it all to bag the seat this time. The polls are an effective way to muster up the reports and present it to the public to give a clear picture. the latest Bihar election polls show that the alliance which is the majority currently can take the prize away. The NDA alliance with has JDU and BJP in it can win the Bihar election 2020 with the majority of seats.

NDA to win acccording to Bihar election polls
Source: Swarajya

NDA to win with 147 seats, show the Bihar election polls


The Times Now-C voter survey stated that the NDA alliance can win the current ongoing election in 2020. According to the survey, the NDA alliance currently has opinions polls of 147 seats, UPA is following close behind with 87 seats and lastly, the independent LJP has 9 seats and others. This clearly states that Nitish Kumar is still the most preferred Chief Minister of Bihar. So, there are high chances that he can again sit on the seat. The survey takes us along the minds of the Bhar citizens. The survey was conducted in the month of October from 1 to 23.

However, the number of 57 seats is hanging in balance. The way these seats will take rote is still not uncovered. BJP Spokesperson reacted to the survey’s results and expressed his excitement. He said, “BJP and JDU are symbiotic to each other. We gain something from JDU and JDU gains something from us.” Hence, it is clear that the Bharatiya Janata Party is glad to know that their alliance in the election is going to a fruitful stage. We will know about the fruition of the alliance on November 10, 2020.


NDA to win acccording to Bihar election polls
Source: Times of India

How are the other parties doing in the election?

According to the Bihar election polls, the RJD is doing better than the last time’s election. The RJD will get the highest share in 24.1 percent when on the other hand, it received 18.8 percent. The BJP gains to win from its alliance alone. However, stand-alone results seem to have a negative trend than the 2015 election. The JDU has seen a percentage increase in the 2020 election, as per the Bihar election polls.

Usually, a party needs to win at least 122 seats out of the 243 seats to win the legislative elections. Talking about Congress’s share of seats, they only have 16 seats in their share, according to the Bihar election polls. So, maybe this year’s election will only see last years’ results.


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