Biden At Quad Summit: Free And Open Indo-Pacific Is Important For All


As President of the USA, Joe Biden virtually met Quad leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during the bloc’s first Summit on Friday, he said that a “free and open Indo-Pacific is important” to all. He also added that the US was dedicated to continuing with its friends and allies in the region to overcome the situation and achieve stability.

Mr. Biden described Quad in his opening remarks. It contains four powerful nations- the US, India, Australia, and Japan. It represents these four as the power to increase cooperation and raise mutual ambition and relationship.

More Statements By Biden At Quad:

“A free and open Indo-Pacific is essential to each of our futures, our countries,” Mr. Biden told the top leaders of the Quadrilateral alliance.


“This is a group particularly important because it is dedicated to the practical solutions and concrete results,” he said at the virtual summit.

“We know our commitments…Our region is governed by international law, committed to all the universal values and free from coercion but I am optimistic about our prospect,” he said, in an indirect reference to China. China is flexing its power in the strategically important region.

Free And Open Indo-Pacific Essential For All: Biden At First Quad Summit

“The Quad is going to be vital in our cooperation in the Indo-Pacific and I look forward to looking closely to working with all of you in the coming years,” Mr. Biden told the Quad leaders.


“It’s great to see you,” Mr. Biden told Prime Minister Modi. Biden is attending the summit within two months after he took charge as US President.

Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister, thanked President Biden for bringing the four power countries together and said that ”history teaches us that we are nations engaged together in a partnership of strategic trust of common hope and shared values, much can be achieved.”

Stating that it is going to be the Indo-Pacific that will now change the destiny of the world in the 21st century, Mr. Morrison stated that “as leaders of four great liberal democracies in Indo-Pacific let our partnership be the enabler of peace, stability, and prosperity.”

Earlier, Mr. Morrison said the meeting was “a historic meeting of four leaders from these nations, which are such close friends.”

“There have been meetings of foreign ministers. There have been many other meetings. But when governments come together at the highest level, this shows a whole new level of cooperation to create a new anchor for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific and working with important other partners in the region, and particularly the ASEAN nations and their view of the Indo-Pacific that so much informs our own,” he said.

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