Bhutan Fully Vaccinates 90% of its Citizens in Just a Week, Sets A Global Record


Bhutan has set another global record as it vaccinates almost 90 percent of its total population against COVID-19 in just one week. The country started vaccinating its citizens with the second jab on July 20. And by July 27, they are almost done with vaccinating 90 percent of their total population. Some countries are quite serious about their vaccination drive!

The Himalayan country, Bhutan, Sets A Global Record

Bhutan has now set a global record for its nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive. The country has managed to inoculate 90 percent of its total population so far. However, they started vaccinating their citizens with the second anti-Covid jab on July 20. And after 7 days, that is July 27, they have achieved a milestone of inoculating almost 90 percent of their citizens. Moreover, the country’s health ministry said that they used COVID-19 vaccines from foreign donations in their inoculation drives.


Bhutan Fully Vaccinates 90% of its Citizens in Just a Week, Sets A Global Record
Source: Lincoln Journal Star

Vaccinated 90% of its Citizens in Just 7 Days

Bhutan, a small country between China and India, has a very small population of eight lakh people. Although they are a small nation, their enthusiasm seems quite high. Within a week, they have successfully fully inoculated 90 percent of their citizens. As mentioned above, they started vaccinating the citizens with the second dose on July 20. Moreover, within 7 days, they have fully vaccinated almost 90 percent of their people. The country is getting worldwide appraisals.

Global Bodies Like the UNICEF Praise the Country’s Efforts

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) appreciated Bhutan for achieving such a big milestone. Besides they, they called it “a great success story”. There are several countries in the world with the best economies that are still struggling with their COVID-19 drive. On the other hand, there is this middle-income country that has inoculated 90 percent of its citizens in just 7 days. It has very few doctors, very few nurses, but a really committed king, who is working very hard to save its kingdom.

What has the Country Said About Achieving this Milestone?


Bhutan is quite happy after achieving such a huge milestone. The UNICEF’s representative for the country asked nations with surplus COVID-19 vaccines, to donate them to those who actually are in need. Moreover, he added that their country’s vaccination drive was carried out with donated vaccines only. Besides that, they are not a very developed country but their efforts were no less than others. He highlighted the fact that inoculating the whole country against the virus is not an impossible task.

Bhutan Fully Vaccinates 90% of its Citizens in Just a Week, Sets A Global Record
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Bhutan Received COVID-19 Jabs from Several Countries

India donated 550,000 AstraZeneca jabs to Bhutan in March and April. But due to the rising Covid cases in India at that time, the exports were put on hold. This resulted in a major time gap between the first two doses in the Himalayan country. However, the Himalayan country appealed to Western countries to provide them with COVID-19 vaccines. As a result, they received vaccines through COVAX and successfully carried out their COVID-19 vaccination drive.

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