Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In New York


A motorcyclist with years of experience, driving safely, obeying traffic rules, and always keeping on guard can still be involved in a significant motorcycle accident. They don’t have the advantage of being surrounded by any type of vehicle safety equipment when motorcyclists face any kind of situation leading to crash.  Perhaps worse, motorcycle accident lawyer also stereotypes bikers only for being bikers as just being irresponsible.

There are many lawyers out there advertising or promoting themselves as the perfect option for your legal needs. But how would you judge when you need one?  A motorcycle accident lawyer sometimes tries to pass themselves off as fellow bikers as if their place helps them to defend you when it counts the most. In a lot of cases, they are just using it as a tool for marketing.

How To Find The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?


A decent lawyer makes every attempt to obtain the highest possible settlement. You need to be careful in the real world about the qualifications, expertise, knowledge, and capacity of your motorcycle accident lawyer to win your case.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents:

When riding a motorcycle, there are a large number of ways in which a person may get involved in an accident, but not all are, as serious or as frequent as others. Good lawyers have experience in dealing with cases of motorcycle crashes varying from single accidents to door accidents and all the types in between. Every bike accident is distinct and unique with a different cause. Lawyers find certain basic types of accidents.

  • Head-on Collisions

A head-on collision is by far the most deadly form of a motorcycle accident that anyone could be engaged in. This happens when all vehicles usually travel at speed and hit each other head-on. The dynamics of these collisions mean the greatest amount of force is applied to the vehicles and people involved. Usually, motorcyclists affected by these crashes do not survive the impact in many cases and those who do, suffer the worst, sometimes irreversible, and debilitating injuries.

  • Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

When they turn left turn at a junction, cars normally strike a motorcycle. Typically, it is because they struggle to understand the correct way for a motorcyclist as they attempt to make their way into the oncoming lane as they turn. This can have an effect on the side of the vehicle.

  • Lane Switching Motorcycle Accidents 

When anyone wants to turn lanes and a motorcycle is in their path, motorcycles can easily fall into the blindspots of a larger car, which leads to accidents. One of the main contributors to motorcycle accidents is the lack of visibility for motorcyclists.

Under all these situations, the last thing on your mind should be about defending in court. That’s why it is very crucial for anyone to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer.


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