Besides Delta Plus Variant, 3 Other COVID-19 Variants Pose Threat


Delta Plus is now a global COVID-19 variant of concern. Since the pandemic started, the virus has mutated several times. However, it is a very common phenomenon. But sometimes viruses mutate into very harmful variants. Something like this happened with the Coronavirus as well. There are several Covid variants throughout the world. But some variants are an extremely fatal and higher rate of transmission.

Delta Plus COVID-19 Variant Raising Concerns 

Recently detected in India, the Delta Plus COVID-19 variant raising global concerns. Although, this is not only the sole variant that is found across the world. The world is dealing with COVID-19 for over a year now. Several people contracted the infection worldwide and succumbed to it. Moreover, this virus ruptured the economies of various countries. During this one year, the virus mutated several times; and new variants were detected. The WHO has also called the COVID-19 Delta variant “a variant of high concern”.


Besides Delta Variant, 3 Other COVID-19 Variants Pose Threat
Source: India TV

Why is it a “Variant of Concern”?

The Delta Plus variant is mutated from the Delta variant. We all know that the Delta variant has a high rate of transmission. Therefore, a mutated version of an already fatal variant; can cause severe havoc. It is believed that the new mutated version is highly transmissible. Unlike other variants, it is fatal too. So far, the plus version is detected in 12 Indian states. According to the Centre, 50 people have died due to the plus variant.

Other Variants that are Raising Concerns 


Besides the Delta Plus variant, there are other variants that are raising concerns. Though they are not as infectious as the plus variant; they too have the potential to ruin everything. The Alpha variant (B.1.17), first detected in the US in December 2020; is also traced through the UK. Secondly, the Beta variant (B.1.351), first detected in South Africa; reached the US in January. Thirdly, the Delta variant, first detected in India; has now spread to 85 countries. It is supposedly the most transmissible of all variants.

Besides Delta Variant, 3 Other COVID-19 Variants Pose Threat
Source: CNA

The Delta Plus variant has emerged from the Delta variant. Well, this means that the plus variant is double hazardous. It is spreading its legs very fast in India. The WHO has also expressed its concern over the new variants.

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