Beijing Suspends Annual Marathon, Restricts Entry-Exit Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases


Beijing suspends the annual marathon ahead of increasing COVID-19 cases; in the Chinese capital. The country is witnessing a new surge in daily infections; indicating the rise of a new epidemic situation. However, the marathon that was scheduled to take place later this month is not happening now. Authorities have taken strict measures to contain the virus. They are continuously asking the citizens to stay indoors and not leave the house unnecessarily.

Beijing Suspends Annual Marathon

Amid rising COVID-19 cases in the capital city, China has canceled the annual Beijing marathon. The marathon was scheduled to take place later this month. But the authorities have decided to suspend it for a while due to an unexpected rise in the daily cases.


Beijing Suspends Annual Marathon, Restricts Entry-Exit Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases
Source: NBC News

However, they have also asked people to stay indoors and not leave the house unnecessarily. Besides that, they have also restricted entry to the city on Monday. The Chinese officials suspect a new epidemic as the country fights with a new surge of COVID-19 infections.

What did the Authorities Say?

A Beijing official addressed the country’s situation on Monday. He said that the epidemic situation; is very severe and complex. Besides that, the capital city is under a lot of pressure. It is at a very high epidemic risk and the prevention pressure is continuously rising. Mentioning the marathon, an official stated that it is canceled until further notice. The officials have decided to postpone it keeping in mind the rise in COVID-19 cases across the country. However, the health and safety of the people is the major concern at this moment. More than 30,000 people were expected to participate in the marathon.

The Annual Marathon


As mentioned above, 30, 000 people were going to participate; in the Beijing annual marathon on 31st October. It was scheduled to take place in Wuhan; the province where COVID-19 was first witnessed. However, the marathon is canceled for an indefinite period until further notice. We don’t know when will happen next as the officials haven’t declared any alternate date. The Delta variant is now dominating in China as well.

Severe COVID-19 Restrictions in Chinese Provinces Including Beijing

The Chinese mainland recorded 35 locally transmitted cases on Sunday. However, the cases went up to 160 on Monday; now spread in 11 provinces. As of now, authorities in Beijing have suspended inter-provincial travel; in various Chinese provinces.

Beijing Suspends Annual Marathon, Restricts Entry-Exit Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases
Source: Reuters

China is also looking forward; to Winter Olympics 2022 in February next year. Despite the rise in cases; China is still stuck to a zero-Covid strategy. The authorities are implementing lockdowns and very severe restrictions throughout the country.


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