Beijing Imposes Strict Travel Restrictions, Cancels International Film Festival 2021


Beijing has imposed several travel restrictions in the province; to contain the virus spread. It has barred travelers from high-risk areas; to enter the province.

Beijing Imposes Strict Travel Restrictions in the Province

The Beijing government; has decided to impose strict travel restrictions in the province. Henceforth, travelers from high-risk areas; are not allowed to enter the province anyway. People who are planning to return from areas with high transmission rates; will not get the opportunity to book; either air tickets or railway tickets. After a long period of the flat curve; China has again started to witness new COVID-19 cases; especially the Delta variant ones. Therefore, the government is conducting mass testing across the country; to detect and treat cases as soon as possible.


Beijing Imposes Strict Travel Restrictions, Cancels International Film Festival 2021
Source: BBC

Only People from Green Health Code Regions are Allowed to Enter the Province

The Beijing authorities stated that the health color code; for people from medium and high-risk areas is still yellow. Besides that, anyone without the green health code; is prohibited from entering the province. Such people are not allowed to board flights; or book railway tickets. Moreover, road travel is also not possible for them. Therefore, we learn that only people with a green health code; are allowed to enter the province.

Authorities Suspend Flights from Several Cities


Several cities across China; are witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases. The Delta variant has taken over all of China; with about 500 symptomatic cases across; 15 provinces and regions. However, the Beijing government has suspended flights from 15 cities; including Nanjing, Yangzhou, and Zhangjiajie. It is believed that the new outbreak started in Nanjing; when a passenger from Moscow; brought the virus along with him. However, this is just a theory; and officials haven’t confirmed it.

Beijing Imposes Strict Travel Restrictions, Cancels International Film Festival 2021

The Government Cancels the Beijing International Film Festival

Amid rising COVID-19 cases in China; the authorities have canceled; the Beijing International Film Festival which was scheduled from August 14-21. The film festival is canceled; due to general safety and health concerns. However, the organizers haven’t announced the new date for the film festival. Besides that, they didn’t even mention; how long they will delay the event. We expect that until and unless the situation in China approves; they are not going to organize the film festival. They haven’t given any more updates; regarding the film festival. Let’s wait until the situation in China improves.

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