Banks Are On High Alert After A Major Hack Is Obliterated


Lately, banks are on high alert, after finding no trace of hacking in one of the major incidents. Yes, one of the worst nightmares for the banking industry has occurred. A cyberattack is an assault by cybercriminals using one or more computers against single or multiple computers or networks. But the trouble is, no evidence has been found yet.

Recently, the US bank made the scare head, following a cyberattack. Talking about the affected enterprises, nevertheless, there are no official announcements of Wall Street and Microsoft Corporation being the victim of this deleterious act. As per the sources, specialists alleges that it would take months to uncover the real trouble with the systems.

The aftermath of the hack:

According to the source, the financial services information sharing and analysis center, “Based on what we have seen as of today, there has not been specific focus against the financial sector, nor have we seen reports indicating negative impacts amongst our members. Our strategic and tactical reports detailing the attack vectors and offering best practices to eliminate risk”. No US banks commented pertinent to the recent hack.



Coming to the issue at hand, a survey claimed that the cyberattack increased 15% in this pandemic due to work from home, online services, and so on. Moreover, many fortune companies including government agencies are in this vicious hack trap.

What is the reason behind this hack?

This attack involves code embedded in updates for a network-management software. These hacks emphasize the vulnerability in Washington and beyond. Last year, the same issue was questioned by the lawmaker, and the answer was that cyber risk is a clear and present danger,  that needs bank officials to cooperate.

Who are a cracker and a hacker?


A hacker is a person who profoundly finds interest in the workings of any computer operating system. Mostly, these hackers are termed as programmers. Whereas a cracker sophistically breaks into or otherwise violates the system integrity of remote machines.


In 2014, one of the famous and largest cyberattacks is the US bank involved JPMorgan Chase & Co. In that hack, it happened to know that more than eighty million clients’ data has been stolen. Eventually, the felon was red-handedly caught, a Russian hacker.

On the other hand, compared to the last year, the cyberattacks on banks and capital market firms are reduced by 2%.


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