Baba of “Baba ka Dhaba” has allegedly received over ₹45 Lakh, Bought a Car and New Stall


Baba ka Dhaba took the internet over a storm where a lot of Indians got together to help this elderly couple via donations and a lot of good samaritans from all over the country flocked to the Dhaba to help the owner.

On one hand, it is overwhelming to see so many people coming forward to help the couple through donations but on the other hand, we saw how the mindless donations for a noble cause donation via the third party can be a cause of grave concern and misery.

This case has a lot of twists and while there is some fault of Gaurav Wasan, he could have saved this whole ordeal by directly sharing the bank information of Baba (Kanta Prasad).
But the police case on Gaurav Wasan brought all the negative press on Baba. People stopped visiting their Dhaba and noticed an attitude change.
News Tak has shared a youtube video linked below which reveals that according to Delhi Police, Baba has over ₹45Lakhs in this bank account and has bought a new house.
While we found a discrepancy, Baba has not bought a new house, he is renting someplace else while he rebuilds his old home.

Baba has hired new staff for his old stall and does not visit his old stall. Reports claim that he has bought a new stall somewhere else.


Baba has allegedly bought a Swift Dezire Car while this claim seems unsubstantiated as this is revealed by just a customer at Baba Ka Dhabha. Below linked video starts at the particular timestamp where this claim is made.

Below linked videos by HowIndie are worth watching as well to know more about baba.

The first one has testimonials from Baba’s neighbour and things don’t look good for baba as far as their neighbour’s views are concerned.

What is The Lesson In This Whole Case?


When the first video went viral, people from all over India poured in their support. It was heartening to see so many people willing to help the poor couple. A lot of people flocked to the shop to take selfies and to eat one time only to disappear after proving their generosity with photos on social media. When the social media frenzy died down, the couple returned to earning the low sum they were earning before.

Gaurav Wasan should have shared the bank details of Baba directly and People should check the authenticity of the bank accounts they are transferring the money into. Gaurav Wassan should have been more transparent with the exact amounts he received and should not have delayed the payments. Blindly believing one individual’s word to show your generosity is nothing short of foolishness.

This also revealed how the attitude of people changes of people after becoming overnight sensations, the same happened with Ranu Mondal. Such popularity does not last long and dies down quickly.

Please do not stop helping the needy, make sure you do it correctly and you should check yourself if they need the sum not because some Youtuber said so.The only help should be to visit their stalls and helping them run a business not flooding their accounts with money.Donations are not a way to go.


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