Australian retailer pulls AirTags off shelves due to potential hazard


A store retailer in Australia has pulled off AirTags from the store’s shelf due to safety concerns. Reportedly, a new safety issue is arising with Apple’s new AirTag tracker. Australian retailer Officeworks has removed off all the AirTags that were available in their store. Reason being, a potential hazard. This happened after a user was unable to purchase one from the store. He tried purchasing the device from the store but was unable to locate it.

Australian retailer pulls AirTags off shelves due to potential hazard
Source: iDrop News

Officeworks Pulls Off AirTags from its Shelves 


An Officeworks representative notified that all the AirTags from the store have been removed. The issue with the AirTags is a safety risk with the accessibility of the small button battery. ACCC confirmed the news of the temporary removal of AirTags due to safety reasons. In an email, they clarified that the device has been removed temporarily from Officeworks. Also, it would not be back in stock until the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission allows it to do so.

ACCC Warns Apple 

The ACCC has issued warning symbols to Apple. It expects that Apple will comply with Australia’s new information standards. The warning symbols include packaging and instructions regarding button batteries. Australia’s deadline for the Information Standard is June 1, 2022. However, only Officeworks have removed the AirTags from the shelves. Users in Australia can still purchase it from Apple, JB Hi-fi, and Big W.

A Danger to Children 


Button batteries are also not safe from children’s point of view. They are too small and can be easily swallowed by toddlers. It can result in serious injury or even death. Apart from choking, a battery in a child’s esophagus can burn its body from inside in just two hours. Overall, these battery buttons are extremely risky for children. Such incidents occur once every month in Australia.

Australian retailer pulls AirTags off shelves due to potential hazard
Source: Tom’s Guide

An Apple spokesperson made a statement regarding the whole scenario. He informed that Apple AirTags are designed to meet child safety internationally. They are working closely and to ensure to meet the new standards. However, it is advised to keep AirTags out of children’s reach. Most probably, Apple will alter the battery in its AirTag.

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